MIC Selangor Youth Chief Shanker Raj Ayanger Challenges Menteri Besar Selangor for Free Education

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From The Desk of Ketua Pemuda MIC Selangor – Shanker Raj Ayanger

I challenge the Selangor government, Menteri Besar Y.A.B. Tan Sri Dato’ Abdul Khalid bin Ibrahim and Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim opposition leader (Selangor Economic Adviser) to provide the free education in UNISEL (University of Selangor) first before even talking about abolishing PTPTN.

Minister of Higher Education pointed out recently why Unisel (Universiti Industri Selangor), which is under Pakatan’s Selangor state government, advertised PTPTN loans when Pakatan is going for free higher education? Anwar Ibrahim guaranteed that if he becomes the prime minister he would abolish the PTPTN higher education loans.

Anwar can take on such a massive task, surely he can start by abolishing all fees and offer free tertiary education in Unisel (Universiti Selangor) – an institution which is under the control of the state government, for which he is the economic adviser.

The reason why Unisel students take PTPTN loans is because they need money to pay the fees that is imposed upon them by the university in the first place. If  the state government is to abolish that then they would not need to take the loans right? Why would you need the federal government to intervene when common sense dictates that you can easily do it yourself.

In fact, if anything, that is a really dumb argument. We want some sort of proof or past record to convince us that indeed you can really deliver what you say. Because when you even fail to keep simple election promises like discounting 10% – 20% on assessment and business tax in Selangor, people are going to ask why should we trust you in abolishing such a big amount of debt when you take over the federal government. This is not about political conspiracies, this is just being sensible.

On 9th May 2012, the Selangor MIC Youth will be handing over a memorandum to Selangor Mentri Besar, with 10 resolutions for immediate consideration and implementation by the state government . The Selangor MIC youth also said that if free education is not implemented by 31st May 2012 , MIC Selangor Youth will organise and initiate a mega demonstration sometime next month collaborating with their other BN counter-parts.