MIC President Datuk Seri G. Palanivel meet Kota Raja community leaders today

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SHAH ALAM – MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel today went down to meet Kota Raja community leaders to solve their problems in a closed door meeting here.
He spent almost two hours meeting representatives from Chinese temple committees, Chinese schools and Christian organisations from the Kota Raja constituency.

“They discussed with me their needs. These groups need financial allocation. There were representatives from four Chinese schools, 15 Chinese temples, and one government secondary school.

“The representatives asked me to forward their requests to the Prime Minister as they have many problems including floodings, drainage and leaky roofs.

“The secondary school needs additional classrooms while the Chinese schools need additional school blocks,” he said after the meeting.

Palanivel assured the representatives that he would do his best to expedite the approval process especially for small amounts.

Also present Selangor MIC Youth Chief Shanker Raj Ayanger  and Kota Raja MIC division chief R.S. Maniam who said the group had approached Kota Raja Member of Parliament Siti Mariah Mahmud from Pas many times with out any success. -NST

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