MIC: Party constitution amendment will restore faith of grassroots – Datuk M. Saravanan

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Kuala Lumpur –  The 71st MIC Annual General Meeting has just concluded and members from all levels in the party parted with a high spirit and single goal, which is to garner Indian votes for Barisan Nasional in the upcoming 14th General Election.

“The highlight of this AGM is our President, Datuk Seri Dr.S. Subramaniam’s bold stance to amend the party constitution to envisage the process of democracy from party level to ensure MIC remains relevant amongst the Indians besides reviving and revitalizing the significance of MIC branches,” said Datuk M. Saravanan, Federal Territory MIC State Liaison Chief.

In an exclusive interview with Kuala Lumpur Post, the Deputy Youth and Sports Minister said, President’s proposal to moot 49 amendments of the party constitution, only demonstrates his bold and indisputable leadership quality and his sincere efforts to restore MIC’s past glorious era.

“The leaders elected for top party posts can be rest assured and confident to have the unwavering support and full blessings from the grassroots members of the party. 250 branch chairmen as oppose to only 50 now, will vote to choose their future President,” he added.

“I am overwhelmed with the mass support shown by delegates and branch chairmen present at the AGM whole heartedly and collectively endorsing the move to amend party constitution.”

“The grassroots members feel appreciated and I believe it will motivate them to be work even harder from now on to deliver the support for Barisan Nasional. The bold movre by the President has restored the faith of many towards MIC. This will also deter the critics to continue undermining the sovereignty of MIC,” he continued.

Saravanan also expressed his confidence that many grassroots leaders would start to get more involved with the party and this will further strengthen MIC’s base.

“This demonstrates that MIC is committed for the wellbeing of the Indians in this country. There has been number of initiative which has been taken up to improve the socio-economic condition of the Indians. This will be a strong venue for Indians to discard the counter claims made against MIC by the opposition,” he said.