MIC: Palani out; blessings in disguise for party – Dato Ramanan

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Kuala Lumpur
– The former MIC Treasurer, Dato Ramanan Ramakrishnan said in recent days has seen a lot of conflicting statements being issued by various parties with respect to MIC, as the party heads into uncharted waters.

In his press statement today, he stressed that “Everyone must go through a storm to get to a rainbow” is a very apt description of what is happening right now. The party which has not seen its best of days over the past few years has been given a new lease of life to sort out its problems which will eventually lead it to becoming stronger in time. However to move forward, some clarification is needed to put certain questions to rest.

Ramanan said Datuk Seri Palanivel did have many opportunities to solve the problems early on but he chose to turn a blind eye and remain ignorant which eventually led things to where it is today.

“He failed to act from the very start including the simple task of addressing the grouses of the complainants with regards to the discrepancies in the last elections when first brought to the CWC over a year ago. Months down the road, he further failed to act on the findings of the ROS when they officially highlighted the problems and suggested solutions to overcome it,” he continued.

“He (Palani) then went on to ignore the advice of the BN leadership to hold fresh elections to resolve the matter amicably as he made numerous U-turns along the way,” stressed Ramanan.

One has to ask why Palanivel was so fearful to let the grassroots decide his fate if he was so sure that he commanded their support. The bigger question is, if the findings of the ROS actually did highlight that there was fraud in the last elections, wouldn’t any leader with right morals immediately want to address the issue so as to gain the respect, confidence and admiration of the party members and the general public.

Palanivel however chose to hang on to questionable power as president by taking court action against the ROS which highlighted his weak leadership as it was a backdoor gamble of clinging on to power.

“Everybody following this episode should already know about article 91 of the MIC constitution by now based on recent media statements. Some are saying that article 91 does not apply in this situation but let it be clear that the particular argument is a misconception.

Are we saying that any of the 600,000 members of MIC can on their whims and fancy go to court and act on behalf of MIC against any third party they wish without first getting a mandate from the CWC? That is exactly what Palanivel did.

He failed to consult the endorsed CWC of that period and went to court under the false pretext of representing MIC against the ROS. With no mandate in hand, he had automatically evoked article 91 of the constitution which led to the cessation of his membership,” he stressed.

It was further a classic case of Palanivel that right after the court ruled against him and when he finally did realize that his membership was null and void, he bolted overseas for whatever reason and left his cahoots to issues press conferences and statements using his name without his presence. That is exactly how MIC has been run under Palanivel’s leadership.

“Anyway the whole episode has turned out to be a blessing in disguise, thanks to the good graces of God, as the party can finally move forward and have the much desired elections to let the grassroots decide on who they actually wish as their rightful and legitimate leaders,” said the former Treasurer General.