MIC G Palanivel whitewash strategy – we want the land and not the money

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SHAH ALAM – The RM615,000 given to SJKT Effingham by MIC president Datuk Seri G Palanivel on July 23 for the construction of a school hall is being called a whitewash.

Return Effingham Land Action Team (Reflax) is insisting that money is not the issue and that MIC should return the 1.21-hectare plot of land to the school.

“It is a whitewash. They come, give money, and expect the school not to ask for the land anymore,” said Reflax chairperson Manivanan Gowin.

He said they appreciated the funds but Effingham’s students are still suffering from a lack of school land which they need to build facilities like a computer lab and library.

He also hailed the funds given to the school as an acknowledgement by the government towards the efforts of Reflax in highlighting the land issue.

“We took a stand, did a hunger strike, applied continuous pressure. That’s why the federal government gave money. We achieved something,” he said.

Reflax’s contention is that the 2.42-hectare plot of land in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, was originally allocated to the school by a developer in 1999.

But the plot was divided into two equal parts, one for the school and the other transferred to then MIC president Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu.

The school’s board of governors is claiming that MIC had alienated half the plot for its own use.

Palanivel also announced that MIC will be bearing the cost of developing a sports field and hostel for needy students on their half of the plot.

However, Manivanan is not giving much weight to the announcement as he said no official documentation was given to the school.

“The sports field will be on MIC land. In 10 years, things can change. What if tomorrow they sell the land to a developer who decides to build a condo there?”

He fears Palanivel’s announcement was only due to the upcoming general election and may change after polls are concluded.

He added that Reflax has “constructive plans” to once again highlight the school’s plight and will be rolling them out next week. – Selangor Times