MIC a “toothless tiger” in the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition and failed the Indians

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MIC failed the Indians and the leadership must accept responsibility. So many policies could have been negotiated and implemented which could have seen more opportunities in education, employment and housing benefiting the deserving Indians but alas this was not done.

MIC of being a “toothless tiger” in the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition with no political bite to fight for the social and economic betterment of the Indian community.

“What is the party’s results after more than 60 years of existence? What has it done with such a success that everyone is so proud of?”

There is no vision and proper implementation in whatever the party wants to achieve for the community. “Without any vision for the community, how is the party going to help the community?”

Every MIC leader is only interested in themselves, family and cronies and how can the Indian community SURVIVE.

Selfish, undedicated, uneducated, gangsters and non-cooperative MIC leaders are the main reasons for the DOWN-FALL of MIC and personal selection of MIC officials are the main reason for this scenario. Every MIC member should be made to select their candidates and not depend on delegates who could be bought by favours.

Many projects commenced by the MIC to uplift the Indians have failed due to poor leadership and only MIC officials should administer them when there are many qualified professionals capable of making them work effectively.

It was the political system in MIC, which was structured such, where absolute power was vested in one individual that has led to this abysmal state of affairs for the Indians.

Talented and intelligent Indians stayed away from the MIC political fold. They will not allow themselves to be degraded by the leader who thinks he knows all that is good for the community.

The Indian vote itself is no longer the kingmaker, in which unexpected role it found itself in 2008. The Chinese vote has swung, and sharply, to the opposition. As has the Malay vote. BN’s tried and tested strategy of divide the races and rule; has gone the way of the dodo.

10 points that have greatly affected the community which MIC leaders had allegedly failed to take up with Umno leaders:

  1. MIC has failed to take up the scholarship issue of deserving, bright SPM Indian students who were denied the right to study overseas;
  2. MIC did not do anything concrete to ensure that the controversial Malay literature book “Interlok”, which had hurt the feelings of the Indian community, is removed from the SPM syllabus;
  3. MIC has failed to increase the percentage of Indians working in the civil sector which is less than 5% now;
  4. MIC has failed to address the social grievances of thousands of Malaysian Indians who have failed to get birth certificates and proper citizenship rights like blue identity cards;
  5. MIC has not played its role in ensuring that plantation workers get a minimum wage for the past 53 years;
  6. MIC has not done anything positive to improve the equity share of the Indian community which still stands at about 1.5% after 50 years;
  7. MIC has not ensured that the Tamil literature subject in SPM examination is given importance as a compulsory subject for the selection of scholarship awards and as admissions into the local universities;
  8. MIC has not been proactive in ensuring that all partially-aided Tamil primary schools in the country are converted into fully-aided government schools to ensure that the Indian pupils enjoy all the education facilities and benefits that national primary school pupils enjoy;
  9. Why did the MIC remain silent when Perkasa leader Ibrahim Ali had warned both MIC and MCA not to touch on the allocation of scholarships given by the Public Service Department?
  10. Why did MIC choose to remain silent when the prime minister’s former special assistant, Nasir Safar, had made a seditious statement that all Indians came to Malaya as beggars?

It may be time for the MIC to be DISSOLVED since they are really unable to make any DEMANDS to the Barisan Nasional leadership which is predominately held by UMNO who feel they are the supreme power and can do and decide anything when BN is suppose to be collective decision among its partners.

In the coming election, the MIC will lose most of their remaining seats. Certainly Hulu Selangor, Tapah and Segamat will fall to the opposition. They will be lucky to hang on to Cameron Highlands.

And the Indians will see the last of a party that they had thought would champion them; but which instead betrayed, robbed, beggared and marginalized them for 50 dreadful years.

According to some of MIC leaders vote for the opposition means the country would collapse, “Who said the country would collapse if we vote for the opposition? Don’t believe in all that spin.

“Look at India. See how often the ruling party changes but the country has not gone backwards. In fact it is seeing rapid development,” he added.

Likewise, he said Malaysia too would be able to continue with its growth if it was ruled by the opposition.

“Think wisely and vote for people with vision,”