MIC: 8 out of 12 Division chairmen in Kedah opposing Jaspal Singh

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Sg. Petani
– What seems a worrying signal for the MIC Vice President and MIC Kedah Liaison Chief, Datuk Jaspal Singh is being opposed by 8 out of 12 Divisions in Kedah.

Two term Senator, Jaspal is now vying to contest for either Lunas or Bukit Selambau State Assembly seat. This has stirred dissatisfaction among most MIC Kedah members.

There are 12 division leaders in Kedah. They have served the party for a long time and closely connected with the grassroots and locals. Why aren’t they considered as Kedah State Liaison Chief or as State Assembly seat contestants?

The only qualification Jaspal has is that he was born in Kedah. That is all.

Jaspal has exhausted is two terms as Senator, 6 years. Why must the same person be considered for position again and again? Aren’t there any qualified people in Kedah MIC? Or is this merely showing Jaspal as selfish and power crazy leader?

Recently, Datuk Dr. Ananthan, Deputy Kedah MIC Chief, who stood and lost in Lunas in 2008 and 2013 has been appointed as Senator.

The grassroots leaders of MIC Kedah are very disheartened as the same individuals being considered for positions. They feel their services as party members has been undermined. – Nanban