Men suffer lower confidence in achieving and maintaining erection

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Some folks believe that size really matters. Others say it’s what you do with it that counts. But a new study has shown that more and more guys are turning to the little blue pill to help them bulk up. Unfortunately, the long-term effects of V-power are quite the opposite.

Young men who use drugs like Viagra and Cialis recreationally may be more likely to develop a psychological dependence on them, making erections without medication difficult, according to the findings published in the latest issue of The Journal Of Sexual Medicine.

“Among young, healthy men who used ED medicines recreationally, the more frequent ED medicine use was associated with lower confidence in achieving and maintaining erections, which in turn was associated with lower erectile function,” lead study author Christopher Harte, a postdoctoral fellow at the VA Boston Healthcare System in the US, told WebMD.

For his study, Harte looked at data of more than 1,200 men whose average age was around 22. Seventy-two were recreational users, reporting no diagnosis of erectile dysfunction from a doctor, while 1,111 didn’t use ED drugs. Twenty-four were prescribed the drugs by their doctors for medical conditions.

Men responded to an online survey about their erectile function, orgasms, sexual desire, and whether or not they used ED drugs and how often. They also reported their levels of confidence in their ability to get and maintain an erection.

Compared to men who didn’t use drugs, recreational users reported lower erectile confidence and overall satisfaction with their erections. Harte also noted that the decreased confidence was linked negatively with erectile functioning.

While the findings don’t explain the connection, Harte suggested that using recreational ED medications might give users “unreasonable standards or expectations about their erectile performance,” he told WebMD.

Source: Relaxnews