Men are the reason behind HIV AIDS

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Author: Noman Rajput

For decades the HIV virus infected thousands of people all over the world. These thousands of people only add to the millions that are virus carriers or have already developed the diseases.

Patient 0 for the HIV virus was a man, a 15 years old teenager that dyed from unknown causes. It was only 14 years after his death that medical investigators have discovered, based upon preserved tissue, the fact that the dating time of the HIV virus was set way behind the firs patient zero, and that the child died from an HIV infection which triggered AIDS.

Today, most of the infected patients are men. The main reason for this is that male patients used to have random sexual intercourse, often more than women. Homosexuality also contributed to the increasing number of male infected subjects. Most important cause, which could eradicate the two mention causes, is protection.

An unprotected sexual intercourse could bring up a lot more then AIDS and HIV symptoms in men, but it can turn lives around and close down doors that you thought forever opened, like having healthy children.

HIV symptoms in men can have a different manifest than symptoms showed by the female patients. Generally, the male body is stronger, and the immune system can struggle harder to fight of the virus.
However, this struggle can bring up positive or negative reactions, depending on the stage of virus development.

Fever, weight loss, head each, eczema, and other manifestations are all early signs of HIV infection.
Only the most experienced doctors can realize what is wrong with the patient based upon these symptoms, especially in male patients, where the HIV can be mistaken for a simple infection, only based upon symptoms.

There is no actual cure for this virus, due to its amazing ability of subscribing its own ARN into the genetic code of the host.

Some people experience signs and symptoms of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), as soon as they become infected, while others do not. When they occur, early signs and symptoms are often mistaken for the flu or a mild viral infection. Our blog provides in depth view of the different symptoms.

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