Men also get sexually harrased

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MALACCA: An NGO has been set up to assist men accused of sexual harassment and domestic violence. And it is led by a woman.

(Mafor) will provide legal aid and moral support to those implicated in rape and sexual harassment cases, including being bullied by their spouses.

Mafor secretary Nur Azlen Hashim said counselling sessions would also be provided as many men involved in such cases were depressed.

The NGO, which was formed last Friday, has 30 volunteers.

“I got to know of such cases while working with another NGO as a volunteer. In many cases, people often cast aspersions on men just because they are the stronger sex in domestic disputes,’’ said Nur Azlen.

She said her team would look into the case of a 32-year-old woman from Ipoh who claimed a Deputy Supt of Police wanted to have sex with her when she went to lodge a report that a childhood friend had raped her.

“Our intention is not to create a gender war but prevent the fairer sex from making false allegations.”

On why she wanted to help “male victims”, Nur Azlen said she had come across too many false reports in her job as a legal adviser with a government department.

Nur Azlen added that the committee had received a slew of cases, including that of a 33-year-old man from Malacca who caught his wife having sex with another man.

“The wife, accompanied by her lover, then lodged a report against the man for physical abuse on the same day and the husband contemplated suicide,” she said.

Nur Azlen added that such reports caused anguish to those unfairly accused.

“Mafor will render help to genuine cases.”