MCA President Dr Chua Soi Lek fooling the people

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The sexually-tainted MCA president, Dr Chua Soi Lek had today mentioned that it was Pakatan to be blamed for the amendment of the Section 114A of the Evidence Act that was voted in as a law. Dr Chua had claimed that during the voting process, Pakatan MPs had failed to stop the attempt to put Section 114A into effect.

What on earth is this disgraced MCA leader trying to say? Didn’t he know that who is currently holding the majority in the parliament? How many BN MPs were there, plus a few pro-BN MPs who had all voted and supported the Section 114A in the parliament? Has Dr Chua forgotten that the BN has effectively used its majority in the parliament to push the Evidence Act to be voted and approved? Didn’t Dr Chua realize that the BN parliament speaker had also blocked several attempts by Pakatan MPs to further debate on several bills that were tabled earlier.

So, do you think that Pakatan would ever have the chance to effectively block or prevent the Section 114A of the Evidence Act from coming into effect? Certainly not, because it was BN who has the majority in the parliament. In this case, Dr Chua, like a wild dog, is barking on the wrong side, or is he pretending not to know about the real situation in the parliament?

Apart from that, we all knew that prior to the reading of the Evidence Act amendment, all MPs were given a set of the draft amendment. The problem here is, why are all the MPs (be it BN or Pakatan) being provided with this draft amendments at the last minute and these MPs do not even have sufficient time to study it? We knew that BN MPs would not even study it and they will just vote to approve it blindly, while Pakatan MPs being in the opposition bench are the ones who need sufficient time to study and review the entire drafted documents before they could speak up and debate on its contents.

The main point here is, the opposition side was not given the opportunity to study and review the contents of the drafted documents because the speaker has intentionally limited the time for debate and most of the time they are supplied with these documents at the last minute.

This is indeed a very clear intention by the BN to push for a bill or draft amendment of laws into effect by using dirty political tactics and making the parliamentary democracy a mockery out of it.

So, Dr Chua, stop fooling the people and do not think that the people are too foolish to believe the every sexist words that came out from your mouth.