Masala Wheels – Malaysia’s first social enterprise food truck

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Malaysia launches social enterprise food truck
Kuala Lumpur
– Ending 2016 with a high key, a group of professional youths launched Malaysia’s first social enterprise food truck. With a founding philosophy of doing social good, Masala Wheels was founded in October 2015 and became synonymous with their bright orange-colored food truck.

Located in the vicinity of KLCC, this food truck operates on a social entrepreneurship model. While they were focused on feeding the homeless throughout the first year, they agreed that a sustainable approach is needed. With the newly designed food truck, they’ve incorporated social innovation to empower people to make a living for themselves. Now, everyone can enjoy affordable food while contributing towards mobile empowerment that improves socio-economic status of target groups.

Malaysia launches social enterprise food truck1
The launching that took place in Impact Hub Kuala Lumpur witnessed Tan Sri Irwan Serigar, Secretary General of Treasury (Ministry of Finance) unveiling the truck with much grandeur. Also present were Ashran Dato Ghazi, CEO MAGIC Cyberjaya and Thanaselan, Special Officer to Prime Minister of Malaysia. Tan Sri Irwan Serigar, who was present at the launch, praised the people behind Masala Wheels for their noble work.

Malaysia launches social enterprise food truck2
“Not only are they helping the poor in terms of providing food, they are also training new entrepreneurs in the community.” Future plans for Masala Wheels, Kuhan Pathy who is the founding member said, included expanding their social franchising concept with more beneficiaries and training entrepreneurs in mobile F&B.

Masala Wheels was recently selected by the United States Embassy to represent Malaysia at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 in San Francisco, that President Barack Obama attended.