Marketing is Rubbish – The Hidden Pain of Being an Entrepreneur

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“Marketing is Rubbish” is about practical marketing and the minor things which we tend to overlook to implement in our day-to-day business life or operations —the preferences and anticipations and shortcuts we use to get through the world of business.

33 Chapter with 148 pages definitely will bring you progressive result to your business. Below is the list of top rated chapters that could positively change your business direction:-

Chapter 1  – The Hidden Pain of Being an Entrepreneur

Chapter 3  – Do you Hate Selling?

Chapter 6  – The 1 Mechanism You Can Do to Make More Sales

Chapter 8  – How to Trick Yourself into Making More Sales

Chapter 12 –The Greatest Sales Tool

Chapter 13 –How Getting Over Your Fear of Cold Calling Will Get You More sales

Chapter 22 –How to Achieve What You Want Without Really Trying

Chapter 27 –Whats Wrong with Common Sense Small Business Marketing

Chapter 29 –What Your Barber Knows About Marketing

Chapter 33 –What’s The Biggest Hurdle to Succeeding in Business, Sales or Marketing

The “Marketing is Rubbish” is business marketing strategy handbook that definitely will help every business owners or entrepreneur, small business marketing,  MLM, Insurance agent, SME and SMI.