Man walked out of hotel swimming pool naked

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WONG LEE KWONG, 52, came out of a hotel swimming pool stark naked but he was no flasher.

He had lost the towel wrapped around his waist and it would have been embarrassing for him.

But the Malaysian businessman was not complaining. He was thankful that he had been showered with a big dose of good fortune and was still alive.

And he was not the only one who had no clothes on. There were other survivors who had been bathing when the 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck at about 6.16pm.

Bernama reported that he had survived the earthquake in Padang, Sumatra, when he was tossed into the pool from his room on the fourth floor of the Ambacang Hotel.

Relating the incident, Wong said he had checked into the hotel half an hour before the earthquake struck.

“I was preparing to take a bath and had just a towel on when suddenly the hotel building shook.

“The hotel tilted to the left causing me to be thrown into the swimming pool,” he said when met at the Minangkabau International Airport near Padang.

A dazed Wong, who had scratches on his back due to falling concrete, came out of the pool  and was cared for by a hotel employee who provided him with clothing.

He was then taken to an open area for his safety.

Wong was thankful that he was allowed to take a Royal Malaysian Air Force flight to Malaysia Friday morning.

The hotel was destroyed. – The Daily Chili