Man Pledges to Chop Off Penis If Pandelela Wins

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KUALA LUMPUR: All it took was for one man to make a ridiculous statement in passing.

As Malaysians were glued to the television during the small hours of this morning, waiting in anticipation to see if 19-year-old Pandelela Rinong could dive her way towards an Olympics medal for Malaysia, a Facebook user decided to spice things up.

The status “Gua berani kerat k*** laa klau Pandalela menang mlam nih..” posted by Johari Pain spread like wildfire on the social network and also Twitter.

He apparently posted it sometime last night but the buzz picked up after Pandelela’s bronze medal win this morning.

Needless to say, he is now being pursued online by social media users to keep to his promise and cut off his genitals.

User Khairil Anwar, whose handle is @KhairilAnuar, this morning tweeted: “Johari Pain telah berjanji akan mengerat k***nya kalau Pandelela berjaya meraih pingat. Sebarkan! #JanjiDitepati”

To this, Kecik @faridzkecik replied in his tweet: “@KhairilAnuar Pandalela and Pandelela are two different people. Mesti dia bersyukur habis sebab typo. Kalau kes bawa mahkamah boleh menang.”

Others, however, were more adamant in wanting to see the promise fulfilled.

MissGee tweeted from the handle @GenevieWanAnyie: “#ThankyouPandelela you’ve just proved that a woman can KILL a MAN’S EGO. Attn: Johari Pain ;p”

Raja Eddy Akhmar, whose handle is @EddyAkhmar, tweeted: “Hahahahahahaha! Johari pain for the win! Come mon friend, Chop it off!”

User AlyaAllias tweeted from @CapriAlya: “I didn’t knw who is this Johari Pain.. But make Malaysian proud as how #PandelelaRinong make us proud.. Sila potooonnnggg!! Potttooonnnggg!!”

And user s h a h r i m @shahrimtamrin suggested: “i think government should organise ‘himpunan sejuta belia’ to witness a guy ‘honorable act’ — “Janji Ditepati, Janji Dikerati Johari Pain”

As of 9.30am, there were at least five Facebook pages dedicated to this call of honour.

The page “Johari pain Cpat Kerat K*** Pandalela bawa Blik Pingat.” had received 1,568 ‘likes’ then while the page “Kami nak Johari PAIN tunai janji” received 707 likes.

About 175 thumbs up were also given to “Kami Tuntut Johari Pain Tunai Janji”, 42 likes on “Kami semua nak johari pain potong anu” and 65 liked “Kami Anti Johari Pain Kerana Menghina Atlet Malaysia”.

It was learn that Johari Pain, after being pursued on the social network, has since deleted his Facebook post.

While comments on his post were still available, a quick user search of ‘Johari Pain’ on Facebook yielded zero results.

However, he later tweeted that he had already made an apology.

“Saya sudah memohon maaf tapi xde pls org nk print screen..siap suruh wt permohonan maaf dkt Buletin TV3 lagi.” (I’ve already apologised, but no one wants to ‘print screen’ that one, even asking me to make an apology on Buletin TV3.)

“Sdangkan Nabi boleh ampunkan umat takkanlaa manusia biasa tdak boleh memaafkan orang lain..saya sedeylaa…. (If even the Prophet can forgive his followers, surely man can forgive his fellow man..I’m so sad.),” he wrote.

The outrage and ridicule sparked by Johari’s remarks were reminiscent of that which followed DAP assemblyman M. Manoharan’s comments on badminton ace Datuk Lee Chong Wei.

On Sunday, Manoharan had courted controversy when he made a series of insensitive tweets following Chong Wei’s defeat at the hands of China’s Lin Dan in the men’s badminton final.

The public outrage which followed led to the Kota Alam Shah assemblyman being admonished by DAP secretary general Lim Guan Eng.

Manoharan later offered an apology via Twitter, but most Malaysians had brushed it off as “too little, too late.” – Malaysian Digest