Man loves to watch neighbour’s sex acts

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SINGAPORE – He knew they liked to film their sex acts.

Rather than hoping for a glimpse of the action, the married man in his 40s started sneaking into his neighbours’ flat to download the videos from their laptop.

But soon after, he realised that what he was doing was wrong and turned to Dr Munidasa Winslow for help.

The psychiatrist in private practice said the man has since learnt to manage his emotions and stress, and his marriage has got better.

He said: “Those who seek help are those who realise how crazy they have become.

“They realise they have so much to lose – their careers and the love and respect others have for them.

“People who have a healthy emotional and social life rarely go into such stuff. There usually is an underlying issue.”

Mr Daniel Koh, a psychologist at Insights Mind Centre, attributed the rise in such cases to how a peeping Tom can get his “high” nowadays.

“Technology is more advanced now. Before, peeping Toms were confined to windows or hiding in toilets. They had to be physically there.

“Now, with technology, they can hide it. It’s wireless, getting smaller, and records. It gives this group of people accessibility and opportunity.

“Instead of going for one easy target, they can target more.”

He said that because people are usually absorbed with the tasks at hand, it gives perverts a chance to strike.

“These distractions cause perverts to have more opportunities. Unless someone else is alert, the victims wouldn’t be aware.

“They do it because of their sexual urges and because they’re seeking thrills. It’s a part of sexual dysfunction. They need certain arousal or stimulation.”

This article was first published in The New Paper.