Malicious publication of The Star Newspaper – P Waythamorthy

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P Waythamorthy

I refer to the news report in The Star today at page 12 which quotes as follows;“He (Waythamoorthy) said Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak had shown sincerity in his initiatives to help the Indian community.“ We are happy with this matter but would like the Prime Minister to make good on his promises” he said adding that ……

I wish to state the following which would affirm what I had said in my press conference;

1) My press conference was video recorded by Hindraf media TV and we would be making this copy available unedited online soon;

2) I categorically deny having ever said the above passages.

3) The Star should apologise for deliberately misquoting me and make a correction accordingly with immediate effect.

4) I have said that the fact that PM Najib has been going around dishing out handouts to the Indian community is a clear evidence that the BN government acknowledges they have wronged and marginalised the community and that it was time to solve the problem of the Indian community in a comprehensive manner.

5) Hindraf reiterates that this government should address the gross violations of human rights affecting the poor and underclass community.

I hope this would clarify the deliberate and malicious publication of The Star


P Waythamoorthy is the Hindraf chairman