Malaysian Underworld Mafia – Tan Sri Musa Hasan EX IGP

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musa hassanBy Viktor Wong

Last year, the retired Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Musa Hasan dropped a bombshell in a crime watch seminar and forum by alleging that the police force is currently tainted with politics, interference and link to the underworld (secret societies and triads) organizations.

If all these allegations were made, then an investigation ought to be carried out in order to determine if the entire police force is really tainted with such negative elements and so on before it gets out of control. The other question is, did Tan Sri Musa made all these allegations to obtain some profits or kickbacks from anyone. No one knows it. The only thing in our mind is it is either true or false. True, in the sense that Tan Sri Musa has been frustrated during his tenure as the Inspector-General of Police because of such negative elements within the force, and false, where he might have been made use by some other political elements in order to embarrass the police force and the Home Affairs Ministry (KDN).

The police top brass and the KDN should not just brush off all these allegations especially when it came from one of its retired top police officer and not a politician or whatsoever. In order to prove Tan Sri Musa’s allegations are inaccurate, the BN federal government should immediate launch an official investigation onto this, or perhaps to make such probe more independent, a parliamentary select committee should be established immediately to initiate a public hearing onto such serious case.

But what has the BN federal government done so far? They did nothing but only keep on denying all those allegations made by Tan Sri Musa. Why only denying just like that without any concrete evidence that the police force is actually clean from any negative or criminal elements? Is it because they were unable to obtain substantial evidence to prove that they are innocent? The answer should be obtained from the current Inspector-General of Police and the Home Affairs Minister. If both of them has nothing to hide, they should bear open of what is going on inside there for public scrutiny.

According to the police force’s crime index last year, they claimed that the crime rate in this country has in fact gone down following the force’s massive crime preventive measures and programs. But the minute after the report was released, out there, new crimes were committed one after another with new deaths. And guess what had happened yesterday? A gang war had erupted between two rival underworld which resulted to injuries. Mat rempits are not reducing, but it is on the rise. Snatch thieves are everywhere nowadays, housebreaking, and now racism is also on the rise.

What has the police done to curb all such negative elements? Yes, we saw some few initiatives, but are they effective enough? We saw policemen who were supposed to be on their routine rounds in our neighbourhood but ended up at the beach resort or seaside instead. The police force promised a faster respond time onto any calls but what happened in the end? They took hours to reach the crime scenes.

The other thing is, why are the majority in the police force been mobilized to curb opposition political activities, putting up unnecessary roadblocks (creating massive traffic jams), working under the shed to catch motorist on petty issues, ransacking the offices of online news portals, harassing offices of human rights organization, environmentalist, and many more?

No wonder there are more and more gated communities in our nation nowadays. The people today could not trust the police force anymore and have to resort to employing security glass, putting up additional budgets to install CCTVs, alarms and other equipments for criminal precautions. The people today has to depend on their own to ensure that those criminals wouldn’t come to them instead of the police.

So, in the end of the day, what is the sole purpose of the police force of today? If the police force cannot really improve its standard of service and the Home Ministry would not want to strengthen its will to change the force into a better crime busting agency, then the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) should come into the picture.

But the real problem here is the BN federal government has blatantly ignore all these, even the proposed IPCMC has been dragged away from its recommendation by a Royal Commission. The Home Affairs Minister has continue to ignore public (no political) call to shake up the entire police force.

What next? We couldn’t do anything right now except waiting for the next general elections to come in order to send our message across.