Malaysian Indians are way too smart; stop your ‘gangnam’ dance PKR Surendran

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Dear Editor;

Looking at this video somehow angered me.

PKR vice-president N. Surendran is a liar. Can he prove there are 300,000 stateless Indians in this country? He is using this issue as a political tool. If there were genuine cases, he should refer it to the SITF.

To date the SITF have identified 9,000 stateless Indians and 4,500 have been issued birth certificates while 2,000 are still on the waiting list.

Let me get one thing straight, I am not supporting anyone here. I want to be neutral. Facts will be facts, period. This is the way I see things, the way I was brought up. When we have a problem we find solutions not find excuses and point fingers.

First things first, the internet was full of posting with Prime Minister Najib’s picture with a Red IC. So now it’s all his fault is it. Now let me ask you this, for those who does not have a birth certificate or IC, it’s their parents fault that they fail to get their children proper documentation. Will they put their parent’s picture and post it all over the internet. After all they are the first culprits. I have seen cases’ where the parents have IC but the children don’t have birth certificates .No right. Same thing, everyone deserves respect and so does our prime minister.

People in power should maintain transparency and convey the right message to the public, not twist and turn their mind into believing otherwise. I am pretty sure those who twisted the Putrajaya IC rally are all a bunch of spineless and brainless people. If you watched the video, you can see that some people are being called gangsters, Is having a RALLY and shouting around something that an educated people will do ???? I think I have conveyed by point clearly only one gangster can identify another gangster.

The SITF are having their kiosk in most of the places all over Malaysia every week without fail. Why aren’t this people making use of them? Most of the time the kiosk are empty. Where are this so called 300,000 people then? Can Surendran or the Pakatan list them down and give us correct data. You see where I am getting to. From now on, I think all of us can do our part as responsible citizens, if you know of anyone who needs help, please bring them over to the SITF personnel or the JPN for help. Let’s not point fingers and waste time.
I am not denying it; there might be some faults on the SITF or JPN’s part. We are all human beings and we all make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. Let’s work on correcting the mistakes. I don’t see any major issues here just minor things which can be resolved. If you care about our Malaysian society you must learn to be sensible. In every social setting there will be grievances which need to be resolved.

To all these questionable characters who masterminded the rally don’t assume that Malaysian’s will actually believe their rhetoric and vote them in for the next GE. In reality, the poor Indian old folk and affected people who were employed for the rally were the ones hoodwinked by these characters for their own agendas. So look at yourself in the mirror before you speak of others!

– Concerned Malaysian Indian