Malaysian Indian Business Magazine Bought Over by Charu Holdings

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by Sivakumar Packrisamy – MIBA President

Johor (May,16) A magazine just for Indian businessmen and professionals We are pleased to announce that Charu Holding Sdn Bhd has bought over IndianToday.Net Sdn Bhd, publishers of the monthly magazine, Malaysian Indian Business magazine.

The objective of the Malaysian Indian Business magazine, when set up almost two years ago, was to provide Malaysian Indian businessmen and professionals a platform to network and share their experience of operating in the multi-racial environment of Malaysia.

It is the aim of the new management to take the magazine, specially dedicated to Indian businessmen and professionals, to the next level of its growth. We hope the stories of how successful Malaysian Indians overcame challenges, which are quite different from those of other ethnic Malaysian entrepreneurs and professionals, will be a source of inspiration and motivation to our readers. If this strikes a chord with you, we would be delighted to hear the story of your own experience.

We will also be happy to publish news about your products and services. Alternatively, you can advertise in the magazine at special rates. So, make your first move today and subscribe to the Malaysian Indian Business.