Malaysia civil servants – Break fast bribe

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Johor Baru (ANN) – Civil servants should not accept invitations to break fast at hotels or restaurants during Ramadan, or accept gifts and hampers for Hari Raya.

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission deputy chief director of prevention Datuk Sutinah Sutan said doing so could lead to corruption.
“This especially involves officers who have to deal with businessmen and private companies on official matters,” she said after witnessing the signing of the Corporate Integrity Pledge (CIP) by PIJ Holdings Sdn Bhd.

She said officers involved should first ask about the real intention or motive of the parties inviting them for buka puasa events and those sending them gifts. Sutan said that by accepting invitations or gifts, civil servants would be committed to returning the favour when dealing in business related matters.

“Use your own discretion and judgment, ask why are they inviting you alone and not the other staff too,” she added. Sutan advised civil servants to check with their department heads if they wanted to accept such invitations.

She said government department and agencies should also be wary of elements of corruption in sponsorships and other “hospitalities” from the private sector.
On the CIP, she said since 2010, about 103 local and foreign companies had undertaken the pledge which was to educate the private sector on the perils of graft practices.