MACC aware of another revelation involving Anwar

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There has been a dramatic escalation in the RM3 billion Anwar bank accounts probe, with reports that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MCAA) has received fresh evidence linking him to dozens of “luxury bungalows and penthouses” across the country.

The New Straits Times, which broke the original story, said the new evidence has come from Ummi Hafilda Ali, and it also implicates her brother, PKR deputy president Azmin Ali. Sources told the NST: “There are luxury bungalows and penthouses, many of which are in Penang. The properties in question were allegedly procured as far back as the early 1990s.”

The allegations will now form part of the MACC investigation into allegations that Anwar controlled up to 20 bank accounts through which more than RM3 billion flowed when he was finance minister in the 1990s.

The MACC is now expected to use records from the land office to “ascertain the connections” to these properties. In other words, the MACC will look beyond who is named on the property deeds to try to determine who purchased and then controlled the bungalows and penthouses.

Ummi has told the NST her new evidence implicates Azmin.

“There are individuals who are linked to this new evidence, and if Anwar were to see the photo of this pretty woman included in the new evidence, he would immediately recognise her,” she told the NST.

Neither Azmin nor Anwar have addressed these fresh allegations but Anwar has vowed to cooperate with any inquiry and at the same time he is trying to head off any further allegations against him.

He told the Dewan Rakyat: “I will cooperate, no problems if there’s other evidence. We can have our differences in politics but it’s not necessary to go on making accusations.”

That won’t be enough, as increasingly damaging allegations are finding their way into the public domain.

This would not be an issue if it involved private citizens, but Azmin and Anwar are two high profile figures in Malaysian politics who are asking the rakyat for their trust.

As Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi put it this week, Anwar is in no position to remain “speechless” and really needs to make a police report to show his preparedness to go on the record. This case began 13 years ago when the then Anti-Corruption Agency investigated a statutory declaration by former Bank Negara Malaysia assistant governor Datuk Abdul Murad Khalid.

He alleged that Anwar had amassed some RM3 billion during his tenure as Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister.

He also claimed that Anwar’s cronies had set up “master accounts” from which financial contributions could be made for Anwar’s benefit. This case seems to be getting murkier by the day but with the MACC in control, there is now a chance at getting to the truth.

The MACC will also be aware of another revelation involving Anwar and an official from the now defunct ACA. Former ACA director of investigations Abdul Razak Idris has told the NST he drafted a statutory declaration on behalf of the ACA clearing Anwar of stashing RM3 billion in these bank accounts.

Speaking from Indonesia he said he made the declaration, for use in another court case in 2004, under the direct orders of Anwar Ibrahim. He said: “He (Anwar) was afraid that I would turn hostile, so I was asked to make the SD and I tendered the SD when I was in the witness box.”

If proven to be true this is an extremely serious matter for Anwar. Interfering with the affairs of the ACA is a charge which also demands a response. This evolving case is raising more questions for Anwar Ibrahim, and now for Azmin Ali as well. The time has come for these two to address all these matters head on or else see a drip-feed of allegations erode their reputations for good. – TheChoice