Lorry driver tried to murder policemen

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HULU SELANGOR, June 22, 2012  – A hunt has been launched for a lorry driver who allegedly tried to murder two policemen in Kuala Kubu Baru, here, in the past week.

It was learnt that the 38-year-old suspect had a two-year-grudge against the policemen, Sergeant K. Rajendran, 49, and Lance Corporal M. Vijiyan, 27, as they had arrested him several times in the past for various crimes.

The suspect was involved in violent crimes in the area, including extortion, fighting and criminal trespass.

The suspect, from Jalan Padang Golf, here, is currently out on bail where he was charged with attempted murder against Rajendran.

He was charged at the Selayang Sessions court in March.

On Tuesday morning, the suspect did it again when he rammed into Rajendran and his son, who were on a motorcycle near the police college.

Rajendran suffered fractures to his left leg and hand while his son, Vinesh, 22, suffered bruises on both hands after they were thrown off their motorcycle.

The night before, Vijiyan was at the car park in the district police headquarters when the suspect turned up in a car and tried to run him over, but Vijiyan escaped.

District police chief Superintendent Norel Azmi Yahya Affandi confirmed both incidents and said they are looking for the suspect.

Norel said the suspect had used the same maroon-coloured Proton Wira in all the incidents against the policemen.

“He is violent and extremely dangerous. He is not afraid to attack policemen,” he said.

“We believe he holds a grudge against Rajendran and his partner as they had detained him previously.”

Norel said the suspect has fled the district but police are confident of nabbing him soon.

Meanwhile, the New Straits Times visited Rajendran at his home at Taman Kuala Kubu Utama yesterday where the policeman recounted what had happened.

“I was sending my son to the train station when I noticed the suspect at a petrol station nearby,” said Rajendran.

Suspecting that the lorry driver may try to harm him again, Rajendran immediately made a left turn towards the police college.

“He chased us for 200m before he caught up and rammed into our motorcycle. I was thrown on the car bonnet and lost consciousness while my son landed on the road.”

Vinesh later told his father that the suspect reversed the car, laughed at them and then left.

Rajendran was sent to Kuala Kubu Baru hospital where he was warded for three days, while his son received outpatient treatment.

He said the suspect had been taunting and harassing his family frequently as he is currently out on bail.

“He will, however, never break my spirit. This is part and parcel of being a policeman,” said the veteran policemen with more than 25 years under his belt.

By Haris Mohd, Atiqa Hazella

New Straits Times