Liu: Sorry DAP ,its nothing to do with me

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KUALA LUMPUR   –  Selangor state executive councillor Ronnie Liu rubbished claims about the DAP itself setting up of a website called DAP Insider.

He told The Mole: “The website is not set up by the DAP.”

When asked whether he knew who was behind the setting up of the controversial website, he stated, “I have no idea who is behind it. I was not aware of the website until I was informed about it.”

Liu advised readers not to pay much attention to the website and refused to comment further.

The week-old website features several posts that highlight the party’s internal politics, particularly conflicts between certain leaders.

The Star columnist Joceline Tan wrote in a recent article that DAP Insider is a “sensational” new website which has emerged overnight as the campaign for the DAP election gathers momentum ahead of the party’s national congress this weekend.

Tan wrote: “To date, the No.1 target of the English Language website seems to be Selangor chairman Teresa Kok.

“Kok, who holds a string of positions in the party and government, is seen as the most powerful woman in DAP. Unfortunately, that also makes her the object of much jealousy and envy.”

Tan also wrote that DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua, “who is being portrayed as the party’s puppet master pulling the strings behind Teresa”, appears to be the “secondary target”.

It was stated in an article published by the website on December 13 that Pua has to “step up his plan to groom new ladies” to fill in for Kok, who is said to be “a liability and increasingly losing credibility”.

Amongst other items published at the website is a poll which asks readers to choose DAP leaders they “dislike or hate the most” and who are “the worst ones who failed to perform”  – mole.my