Lim Kit Siang stop cheating

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By Syed Akbar Ali

Folks, a very many of you have been fooled.

I told you, these gangsters do not give a hoot about the Election Commission or the Election laws. These are just easy targets for them to kick up a fuss and accuse the Government of being unfair. They have no real intention of changing anything.

Just like their crying wolf over the ISA. They do not really care about the ISA.  Not one of these dunggus said anything when the Government arrested those Jemaah Islamiyah terrorists and bomb makers under the ISA most recently, including Mas Selamat from Singapore.  The truth is they are all equally relieved that the Government did arrest Mas Selamat under the ISA.

So now that the ISA has been repealed (there is no more six month or two year detention without trial) the dunggus feel silly – they have been trumped.  Their bluff has been called. So now they want to protest the law that replaces the ISA (it is a mouthful – I dont know what it is called). They want even the new law to be repealed.

Just like they asked for the amendments to the Election Commissions (Act?)  Now the new Bill has been presented in Parliament and what did they do? They voted against the changes. They flip flopped. Here is the news from The Star

Electoral Bill withdrawn

KUALA LUMPUR: The Election Offences Amendment Bill passed in Parliament in April will be withdrawn following resistance from lawmakers on both sides of the political divide.

“. the Government has decided to abort the Bill after consultation with the Opposition and the Election Commission (EC),” Nazri Aziz told reporters. 

“Out of respect for the EC’s independence, we agreed to the EC’s recommendations in toto,” he said.

Ipoh Timur MP Lim Kit Siang, who spoke on behalf of Pakatan Rakyat lawmakers, said the decision was agreed upon by all parties concerned.

Among the (proposed) changes were 

i. the removal of the mandatory requirement for the appointment of a polling or counting agent by a candidate’s election agent.  

ii. expanded the exclusion zone for non-authorised persons from 50m to 100m at polling stations.  

iii. the need for election posters and banners to display details of the printers.

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad expressed concerns that the withdrawal of the amendments would give way to “all sorts of unwanted events” that the Government might not be able to handle.

Firstly Lim Kit Siang DOES NOT want a mandatory polling agent appointed by a candidate’s election agent.  Why?

Because a mandatory polling agent appointed by the DAP (for example) will be one of the people who will sign off on the election results. Once they sign off, it means they accept the results. So after accepting the results, they will look stupid if they complain that there were phantom votes in that area.

(Err by the way, its already May 10, 2012 – can any of the Pakatan dunggus show us any proof at all, real proof please, not what your grandma told you ok – about even one phantom voter who has successfully voted in any election? I think the EC is also waiting.)

It will be even more stupid when they only accept the results when their Polling Agent concurs they have won but they do not accept the results when they lose.

So that is why Lim Kit Siang does not want to accept this new amendment for a mandatory Polling Agent (appointed by you lah kawan – your party can appoint your own Polling Agent. Itu pun lu tak mahu)Apa pasal?  Because you cannot cheat anymore. That is why.

Secondly,  why does Lim Kit Siang oppose the “expanded exclusion zone for non-authorised persons from 50m to 100m at polling stations” ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 

The reason is very simple folks. The hooligans are planning to disrupt the next General Elections. Please mark my words. They want to place their hooligans within 10 metres of the Polling Stations so that they can boo and intimidate voters whom they know are not their supporters.

If you ask me, I would expand the exclusion zone to 1000 metres.  All hooligans just stay away from the Polling Stations.

This is NOT what Lim Kit Siang wants. He wants his hooligans to be able to harass the voters right up to the Polling Box.  And he will not be using the DAP Youth either. Cina kan lagi pandai dari Melayu. They will get the Melayu Bodoh wearing the Red shirts from PAS and PKR to do their dirty work for them. Just wait and see.

Lastly why does Lim Kit Siang oppose  “the need for election posters and banners to display details of the printers” ? ? ? ? ? ? 

I say kawan, ada family business kut ?  Not just the details of the printers but lets have their IC Numbers, Passport sized photographs and chest X-rays also displayed on the posters.

Then we can also know if there is cronysim, nepotism and corruption involved. This leads me to ask the question : who prints the DAP’s election posters?

Is it a “party secret”? Cannot let the public know? So how do we know if there is any cronyism, nepotism or corruption involved?

Actually folks – no one has asked this question. Since 1964 when the PAP became the DAP, who has been financing them? Where are their party accounts? Has Lim Kit Siang ever declared his assets? Who has been printing their posters since 1964?

Have they ever received any funding from overseas? For example from the PAP in Singapore? How do we know for sure?

Why does Lim Kit Siang oppose the amendment to divulge the names of the printers who print their election posters?

Folks, lets make some real changes to the conduct of our Elections.

1. Campaigning for elections cannot exceed 14 days.

2. After the campaign period is over, there must be a mandatory seven day cooling off period (like in Indonesia).

3. In this cooling off period, ALL posters must be taken down and the streets cleaned up.

4. Polling will take place only after the seven day cooling off period.

5. On Polling Day ABSOLUTELY NO posters or party colours are allowed anywhere in the country (except on party premises). No wearing party T shirts, no party flags, caps, party cars etc anywhere in sight on Polling Day.

6. Supporters must stay at least 1000 metres away from the Polling Station.

7. The position of Prime Minister and Chief Minister shall be limited for a consecutive two terms only for any individual. 


Will the Pakatan hooligans support this? I dont think so.  So what electoral reform are you talking about?  Hypocrites !


Bapa Rasuah Malaysia, Pencipta Politik Wang and now Massage Parlour Party. Corrupted hypocrites.

( *The views above are of the writer’s and does not necessarily represent the views of The Kuala Lumpur Post)