Lim Guan Eng Transfer out His Girl Friend Chai Hong from CM Office

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Lim Guan Eng may think that the controversy with his girlfriend, Chai Hong, and wife, Betty Chew, has ended with her transfer out of the Chief Minister’s Office at Komtar but apparently it has not.

The woman is furious. She’s pissed that Guan Eng, in a bid to save his own skin, has been ignoring her.

Stop The Lies can now reveal that the woman, named Chai Hong, is ready to spill the details of their extra marital affairs in the open.

Despite earlier reports that she readily accepted her transfer, has now reported the opposite – she is mad as hell with the CM’s order to remove her out of the office.

The dangerous liaison between the CM and Chai Hong is said to be an open secret within the Penang Chinese media, according to the portal.

Guan Eng is said to have transferred her out after an order from Betty Chew. What has irked Chai Hong is the cold shoulder from Guan Eng subsequently. She felt used and discarded like trash, her friends now said.

The latest story in Penang is that she is now ready to spill the beans – the sordid details of their relationship in the media before the polls.

The good-looking Chai Hong, said to be politically savvy, is said to have developed strong feelings for Lim after working in the office.

“Despite working for the previous Barisan administration, her service was retained by Guan Eng. She was capable and attractive and the CM noticed that.

“Everyone in the office including the office boys and security guards knew she was CM’s favourite. The press could see it too and soon words went to the ears of CM’s wife.”

Betty, it seemed, grew suspicious when the DAP secretary-general took Chai Hong along to the Sarawak state elections campaign.

The last straw, so the grapevine goes, was when Betty saw Chai Hong walking out from the CM’s room at Komtar.

“Even though people have questioned about the plaster on the CM’s head, he has never explained about it,’’ the portal said.

Betty is said to have confronted Guan Eng after they returned from Sarawak where an argument broke out. An object is said to have been hurled at Guan Eng, which hit his forehead.

The marital dispute was settled with Chai Hong being given the boot.

One would have imagined that the affair is not history and only a subject of discussion among the Chinese media.

But the latest is she’s pissed because “she is now chucked aside and was not given a clear explanation” the portal reported, and she wants to strike back! – stopthelies