Lim Guan Eng and Hospital Scandal

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by stopthelies

For a Chief Minister who prides himself as the man of the people, Lim Guan Eng sure has gotten his hands into various private companies’ good books.

Last week, he was fighting for B Braun, a pharmaceutical business that claimed that they were not getting any contracts at Ministry of Health (MOH).

B Braun’s claims were dismissed by MOH who released a detailed statement listing all the contracts that Braun had won over the past years. One must wonder why LGE is so concerned about Braun specifically when there are so many other pharmas operating here in Malaysia.

Anyway, this week, LGE is fighting tooth and nail for Victoria Hospitals, a private firm that intends to build a hospital in Penang. LGE claimed a couple of days ago that MOH has never given any operator a permit to build new hospitals since DAP won in 2008.

He attempted to paint MOH as bias and unwilling to assist Penang in developing its health industry.

So before Malaysiakini happily prints a column on federal vs state politics, Stopthelies wants to make it clear that MOH has in fact given 4 permits for private hospitals in Penang since 2008.

But, this case is a bit different so the permit to allow building not so easy to get lah.

You see LGE wants this hospital to be built on land that is supposed to be for low cost housing. And he did not only want to build a private hospital…the hospital is supposed to act as a hotel too. To boost health tourism you see.

LGE’s excuse is that the plot of land is too small for low cost flats. But how can a land that is too small for low cost flats be big enough for a 30 storey complex?!

Let’s not forget that all this drama is at the expense of low cost housing. It may be a socialist party but DAP stopped caring about the poor long time ago.