Life is indeed like a box of chocolates full of worms

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Dear friends,

This is a story of how a mistake ruined a family. Read on and learn from them.


He left me today and he is not going to be back. He said this will be the best way and this has to be done to be fair to everyone. Why friend? Why is all these happening to me? Where did I go wrong? I did my best as a wife and yet this is what I end up with. I am sick and tired of everything. It’s true what you say life is indeed like a box of chocolates full of worms. This is what he said,

Devi I am leaving for good. You are a good wife. I am who I am today because of you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You turned me into a good human being. My past mistakes are haunting me like a ghost. How can I get out of this without hurting anyone. No matter what you say, I cannot share my love with anyone. You are the only one. I want you and you only.

You asked me to be fair with my daughter. How, my dear wife? How, please tell me? She will not let me adopt that little girl. If I want my daughter, I have to accept her into my life too. I don’t want to do that. Why she put me thru this? Now we have to suffer. What are we going to tell our sons? That daddy had an affair with someone and this is your big sister. How are we going to get out of this mess. Devi, you have a big heart. You asked me to marry her and I know it is not easy for you to say these words.

How hurt you must be but still you did it for me. Sorry dear wife, call me selfish or whatever names you want but the fact is she is not coming back into my life. My love is for you only. How can I be fair to my daughter without accepting her. My daughter does not even know I exist. Take good care of our children for me. I will not be back, I am helpless and hopeless. How much humiliation I caused you, still your love was true for me. This is the fairest way out, I am not choosing anyone. I love you very much dear wife. I love our children too. How am I going to survive without all of you.

May God Bless Us All. Don’t worry about our children, they will understand one day. You do what you think is right. You are a fine woman, you can make the best decision. Don’t waste your tears for me, carry on with your life. This is a humble request from a useless husband. Bye.

See friend, how complicated my life is. We love each other and yet because of this girl and her mistakes I have to suffer. My children have to suffer. Sometimes I wonder, where is God? Why is he doing this to us? I just pray that I can be strong for my children’s sake. I hope my husband can find some peace in his life. What else can I do? Bye friend.

To all of you, here is the missing part about the other girl. This man knew this girl before he was married. She is a playgirl. She slept with half his friends. He is a good man and with the hope of changing her, he befriended her. They become good friends and he managed to change her. She fell for him. He rejected her. He asked her to go far away from her hometown, marry someone and be happy. One fine day, while he was dead drunk and alone in the house, she managed to sneak in. She seduced him and they had sex. This is the first time they are doing it.

Being a responsible man, the next day he asked her whether she was protected? She lied, she told him not to worry. Two years later she came back to his hometown and still said nothing. He gave her wedding invitation and still nothing was said. Now, he finds out she gave birth to his daughter. This is the good part, she accidently told this secret to his wife’s cousin. She did not marry anyone till now, refuse to give him his daughter.

Refusing any form of help from him, she claims to love him and wants him to marry her. A test was done and it is his daughter, no doubts about that. You tell me how, dear readers? What should this family do? Whose fault is this? His daughter does not even have a father’s name in the birth certificate. How can a good man live with this? Big mess ah? Learn from their mistakes. To all those party girls, this is how most of you will end up. See how much sorrow it cause a family. You have to carry all your sins for life. I have nothing else to say. This post is not to hurt or criticise anyone, it is just to make everyone realise some mistakes can cause you your lifetime of happiness. – VENUS