Lee Chong Wei Barisan Nasional candidate GE13

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Sports has always been the key in unity for every country in the world. It is a fact that cannot be denied by anyone and Nelson Mandela had proven it.

The same thing goes to Malaysia where each time Malaysia is involved in just about any sports game, all Malaysians from various races, religion and political understandings would unite and support our athletes.

It is true that there are a few among us who are not patriotic enough where we even mock our own athletes such as ADUN DAP, Manoharan Malayalam and a few other Pakatan Rakyat leaders, but their number is too small to break the majority of Malaysians when it comes to sports.

That is why Dato’ Lee Chong Wei’s silver victory during the Olympic could actually lead to people saying that he might be taken as a candidate for the next election. Especially with positive comments from his supporters who admitted that they would vote for him if he ever becomes a candidate. Everyone agreed that Chong Wei had united every single Malaysian here.

According to rumors, some are trying to name him as a candidate in Penang. If this is true, this might be a positive thing to balance out the power which is held by DAP who likes to spread racism among rakyat.

With Manoharan mocking Chong Wei’s silver victory, he had proven that DAP has never shared the same aspiration as all rakyat in this country does.

Thus, considering that Chong Wei can be said as the symbol of unity for Malaysians, his candidacy for the election could help rakyat who had gone too far with the influence of DAP/PR to come back to reality.

His candidacy might be possible because previously, Soh Chin Aun, Malaysian Football Squad Captain was named as a candidate to compete in the 1986 election in Kota Melaka. However, he lost to Lim Guan Eng with majority more than 17,000 votes.

But, this do not mean that Dato’ Lee Chong Wei would also lose if he competes considering that rakyat really thirst for non-Malay leaders who cares for rakyat and could influence rakyat from various races to implement the 1Malaysia spirit as aspired by the Prime Minister.

If this factor is taken account, we do not have any doubts that our badminton hero would be part of the ‘sure win candidates’ for the coming GE.

However, this is just another rumor and if it is true, Malaysia would need to rethink about one small matter: Do we need Dato’ Lee Chong Wei to keep on winning games for us in the badminton world or we want him to be around rakyat and provide help to rakyat on behalf of BN?

What is certain, finding a world-class badminton hero is not as easy as finding election candidate!

For that, congratulations Dato’ Lee Chong Wei! Win or lose, Malaysia is always be behind you – MyNewsHub