Lackadaisical attitude of Malaysian motorcyclists

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PETALING JAYA: Freelance photographer Jesse Lim was nearly hit by a motorcyclist who was paying more attention to his handphone than the road.

She was crossing the road towards her condominium when the motorcyclist, who was busy sending an SMS, failed to notice her.

“He then looked up and braked hard. Luckily, I managed to run across just in time,” she added.

Lim said the incident left her shaken, angry and generated a feeling of distrust for motorcyclists.

A trainer for English teachers Gary Husler said he was shocked by the lackadaisical attitude of Malaysian motorcyclists towards the law when he first arrived here five years ago.

“But, it is still not as bad as those in Vietnam,” he added.

Corporate communications manager Shahriza Embi recalled an incident during the morning rush hour when a motorcyclist, who was weaving in and out between cars on a three-lane highway, knocked into the rear of a Perodua Myvi.

“My car was next to the Myvi and I was quite scared that the motorbike would crash into me. Luckily it didn’t happen.

“The motorcyclist fell but he nonchalantly got up and just rode off. He did not even have the courtesy to apologise to the Myvi driver, let alone pay for the damages. The Myvi was a brand new car,” she said.

Shariza said city bikers seemed to think that they were immortal and could get away with a lot of things.

“They think they have the right to weave between cars and expect cars to make way for them.

“Of course, not all of them are like this but I see enough bad riders on a daily basis to not feel safe driving with motorbikes zooming past me,” she added. – The Star