Khalid and Xavier in the ” Land Scams ” – MIC Youth Chief T.Mohan

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Xavier KhalidIt turns out that Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim hasn’t got just the water crisis to worry about. His continued silence over the several land issues involving the Indian community has put the PKR-led administration on the back foot.

MIC Youth Chief T Mohan said the Selangor state government was ‘pretending’ to be in the dark over “land scams” involving the Midland Tamil school, Bukit Raja Estate and in Kampung Bunga Raya in Serendah.

“It’s all very suspicious. These issues have been widely raised in the mainstream media but Khalid Ibrahim has kept mum.

“He has also rejected any attempts (by the affected groups) to meet him regarding the land fiasco.

There are growing allegations that PKR leaders have misappropriated land meant for the Indian community.

Former Bukit Raja Estate plantation workers had recently accused Subang parliamentarian R Sivarasa and Selangor state exco Dr Xavier Jayakumar of ‘cheating’.

They alleged that both PKR leaders had ‘diverted’ eight of the 15 acres land allocated to them. They also provided a document penned by Sivarasa as an evidence that plantation giant Sime Darby had agreed to provide 15 acres to build houses for the ex-plantation workers.

Both Sivarasa and Xavier have refuted the allegations. They claimed that the real issue was not the 15 acres land but that the court had ruled in their favour on the issue.

Meanwhile, the Klang Consumer Association recently said that the development of the Midland Tamil School was just another project to enrich Pakatan Rakyat ‘cronies’.

The association demanded the PKR-led state government reveal the detail of the sales and purchase agreement between the state and I-City Bhd.

The association alleged that the Khalid-led administration had made a hefty profit by selling four acres of land originally given to the school. The state government gave the school a grant of only RM3 million, while the land was valued at more than RM20 million.

T. Mohan said the scam in the Bukit Raja estate was similar to that of Kampung Bunga Raya, where the state government had allegedly diverted three acres out of the 10 acres awarded to residents.

“All these are just the tip of the iceberg. There are several other cases involving the state government.

“If they (state government) are so clean, then they should come out and openly explain this issues,” T. Mohan said.

It comes on no surprise that the Selangor Menteri Besar has not responded to these allegations. With the state’s water crisis about to explode and the financial allegations over the Talam bailout refusing to go away, Khalid has his hands full.

To be seen misappropriating land meant for the Indian community – whose votes the PKR is so desperate to attract in GE13 – would be the final straw.

Selangor’s Indian voters are watching. And like the state’s other long-suffering voters, they are no doubt waiting for the polling date to tell the PKR what they think of its state government.  – The Choice