Kedah Menteri Besar Replaced

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KUALA LUMPUR  – Kedah Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak tenure could come to and end soon should factions within Pas’ top leaders have their way.
Pas central committee memberDatuk Kamaruddin Jaafar confirmed the possibility that Azizan could be replaced.

“If there is a candidate who can perform better we will definitely take it into consideration,” Kamaruddin said confirming talks on the Mentri Besar’s position.
Pas leaders, it was understood, have held a few discussions to find a replacement Mentri Besar for Kedah.

Blogger Kedah Ke Kl claimed that Azizan’s health issue was just an excuse for some influenced leaders to remove him from the MB post.

“It is an open secret in Kedah that there are attempts to remove him from his post by those who have been aiming for the seat. It is also not a secret that they are not quite happy with Azizan’s style of governing the state since the MB is quite vocal on fighting for the rights of Malays and Muslims,” the blogger wrote.

Meanwhile, blogger Unit Media Kedah thinks Azizan is surrounded by those who are hungry for his post, including his own excos.

Kamaruddin, who is also one of the non-executive steering committee members to monitor Pas-led state governments, said that it is normal for the party to monitor performances by its members and will always look at options to improve the party’s leadership.

“In the end, it is up to the party’s central committee to determine whether there will be a reshuffle (on top state position) or not. It all depends whether it is the right thing to do or not.

“We are hoping to see more people performing better, fulfilling their tasks sincerely, so that when the time comes, the party will have better choices on who to be selected to fill in those important positions after general election,” he told

Kamaruddin was asked to comment whether Azizan should be replaced as Mentri Besar since he was deemed unfit to hold the position due to health issues.

Kamaruddin however denied that Pas top leaders had discussed plans to replace Azizan.

There are also talks that the MB is being pressured to resign by certain quarters within his administration who will benefit from his resignation.

A report in a daily newspaper recently pointed out a powerful group in Pas has prepared to put the third-term Member of Parliament for Pendang Datuk Dr Hayati Othman as Azizan’s successor should the party remain in power after the next election.

“The plan is for Dr Hayati to contest in Tokai, a state seat under Pendang that is currently held by Datuk Taulan Mat Rasul. They claimed that Taulan, a state exco member and well-known syariah lawyer, is ready to retire,” the report stated. – The Mole