Karpal Singh will be defending his Bukit Gelugor and become a liability not only to the DAP but Pakatan

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VETERAN DAP leader Karpal Singh’s announcement that he will be defending his Bukit Gelugor parliamentary seat in the coming general election has sent the rumour mill into overdrive.

There is increasing talk that Karpal was forced to make public his intention to continue serving as there are forces within his own party which are conniving to put an end to the 72-year old’s political career.

The conspirators have been hard at work badmouthing and bitching about how Karpal has become a liability not only to the DAP but Pakatan as a whole, no thanks to his unwavering stand against hudud.

Some DAP leaders, it seems, are agitated and angry that Karpal’s unflinching principles would alienate Malay voters and crush their dreams of gaining more seats and greater power.

“Karpal has become a thorn in the flesh for some of his own party leaders who are dreaming of bigger things.

“His uncompromising stand on many issues has angered those who have been thinking of taking over Putrajaya and moving on to become Prime Minister and Ministers. These are the people who are trying to push Karpal into retirement and he knows it,” sources within Pakatan said.

It is learnt that Karpal is being increasingly ignored and the shrewd veteran politician is aware of the attempts to sideline him.

Karpal also knows that those out to backstab him will not be able to do so as easily as they got rid of others in the party, including prominent personalities like Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim.

Tunku Aziz was unceremoniously forced out of the DAP by none other than its secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

Unlike people like Tunku Aziz, who only joined the party recently, Karpal has been there since the early days of DAP and still enjoys strong grassroots support.

“He knows the `Judas` will not dare to make his move as brazenly as he did when getting rid of Tunku Aziz.

“Karpal’s decision to announce that he will be defending his Bukit Gelugor seat is actually a pre-emptive move to block any attempts by his own party leaders against nominating him in the coming general elections,” the source added.

The DAP stalwart confirmed last week that he would contest in the constituency for a third time after winning the seat in 2004 and 2008 elections.

“I will seek re-election at Bukit Gelugor if the party allows me, baring any challenges from other potential candidates.

“I am 72 and still capable of contributing to the party and rakyat,” Karpal was then quoted as saying.

Karpal is a seven-time Member of Parliament in Penang – with five terms in Jelutong and two terms in Bukit Gelugor.

His political career began in 1970 when he joined DAP. He won a seat in the Kedah State Legislative Assembly in 1974.

Karpal was first elected to parliament in 1978 as the representative for Jelutong and held the seat for more than 20 years until losing it in 1999.

He returned to parliament in the 2004 general election and led DAP to its strongest ever performance in the 2008 general election.

Immediately after Karpal’s announcement that he would be seeking re-election, Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM) has confirmed that it would be fielding a 27-year old doctor to take on the `Tiger of Jelutong`.

PCM president Huan Cheng Guan has gone on record to say that even Karpal knows that he is no longer welcome in the DAP and that he (Karpal) was at loggerheads with his own party over the hudud issue.

Looks like Karpal is not the only one having problems with the power-crazy leaders in the DAP.

There have been reports about the formation of a group of ‘DAP people’ who are sick and tired of the dictatorship in the party.

The formidable group of existing and former members are claiming to be victims of the Lim Dynasty and have vouched to set things right in DAP.

Lim Dynasty is a popular description for the father and son team of Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng.

The group of influential ‘DAP people’ who call themselves the ‘Liberos’ told the writer that they have been sidelined, isolated, bullied and booted out by certain DAP politicians whom they described as “Napoleons of the Lim Dynasty”.

Now the Liberos have declared war and vowed to launch an all-out campaign to flush out the ‘Napoleons’ soon.

They may not have to wait too long, now that Karpal seems to have been pushed far enough, into the arms of the Liberos. – The Mole