Karpal ” Anti Islam”

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KUALA LUMPUR : A Pas central committee member has dismissed DAP chairman Karpal Singh’s opinion on hudud as inconsequential.

Khalid Samad who is Pas MP for Shah Alam said : Karpal Singh’s opinion on hudud is not a big deal as the rakyat’s opinion is what matters most.

Pas leaders have been bombarded with questions and criticisms on how they are handling the backlash from DAP leaders, particularly Karpal who have been consistent in rejecting hudud.

Khalid in a response to a question on Twitter today on why is he and his party are not going against Karpal’s opposition to the implementation of hudud : “Penting sngt Karpal? Dia setuju baru buat? Kalau rakyat nak xde siapa boleh halang.” (Is Karpal that important? Can we only implement hudud with his agreement? If the rakyat wants it (hudud) to be implemented nobody can stop it.)

Khalid who is also PAS Selangor Deputy commissioner told The Mole that Karpal’s rejection of hudud is not even an issue and also should not be regarded as a big deal.

“Is it such a big deal that Karpal does not agree? If the Muslims agree, what is the issue? The need for Umno to focus on him (Karpal) shows as though his agreement is important.”

Khalid stressed that the focus on implementing hudud still remains in states which Pas hold majority support. He also acknowledged that the Pakatan coalition have always had differences on Hudud.

“Who are we to know whether hudud can be implemented or not? It is the people’s decision whether they accept or reject hudud,” said Khalid.

When asked to comment on Karpal’s statement that it is practically difficult to ‘prove a case’ in court for hudud law because it requires proof beyond a shadow of a doubt, Khalid said : “”What Karpal failed to understand is that hudud is also a combination of Qisas and Takzir, so if one cannot be charged under hudud (maybe when it is difficult to prove a case) then the person can be charged under Takzir.”

“Hudud also only comprise five specific crimes, such as theft, fornication and adultery, alcohol consumption and other intoxicants.”

Khalid however stressed that a Federal government has not been formed yet and once that becomes a reality, a lot of discussions will take place on whether hudud can be done or not.

“We don’t have to go into this matter now, only a referendum will see if the majority wants hudud,” he said.

Khalid was not the only Pas leader to have resorted to Twitter, its Youth Leader Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi yesterday had also tweeted on Karpal’s negative attitude towards hudud.

Nasrudin who’s tweet handle is @Tantawi100 tweeted : Karpal makin keterlaluan bila merendahkan sekaligus pertikai keupayaan hukum hudud m’atasi jenayah. Ia bakal b’dpn kmarahan umat Islam. (Karpal has gone overboard in belittling and questioning the ability of hudud in dealing with crime. This will incur the wrath of Muslims).

In another tweet Nasrudin said : Saya saran DAP nasihatkan Karpal supaya tidak pertikai hukum hudud sekaligus jaga sensitiviti umat Islam Serta hubung baik ssama PR.(I suggest DAP advises Karpal not to question the hudud laws and at the same time to be sensitive on Muslims’ sensitivities as well as maintain a good relationship within Pakatan)

Karpal in a news report yesterday stated that would-be criminals would not be afraid of hudud, knowing that it would be impossible to prove a case against them in court.

He also said that he was not against hudud itself but was opposed to it being enforced in the country, describing it as impractical.
Karpal had also declined to have a dialogue with Pas on hudud : “I am not rejecting the invitation to talk but I am saying that it is not necessary.”

He said both DAP and Pas have held many discussions on various matters and the hudud issue will not be an exception.

Karpal’s attitude towards hudud had also led to former Pas deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa to label Karpal as ‘anti-Islam’.

“Pas should make a strong stand on this issue. It is our fight for Islam that makes people support us. However, with continuous objection by Karpal, many are still waiting what Pas would do about that,” said Nasharuddin in a report.

Responding to this, Karpal said, “Nasharudin’s alleged remarks were irresponsible and mischievous. “I have never spoken against Islam. It is our official religion and I respect Islam as the official religion.”

The Bukit Gelugor MP had stated he will be suing Nasharuddin for those statements and is prepared to face a counter-suit. – The Mole