Jimmy Choo and new set of clothes- Royal party

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KUALA LUMPUR – Shoe designer Datuk Jimmy Choo wanted to put his best foot forward when meeting Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

So, when he met them at the royal tea party, he wore a whole new set of clothes – from his suit, shoes and even his underwear!

“Wearing a new set of clothes was just my way of showing respect to the royal couple.

“Just like how the Chinese wear new clothes for Chinese New Year, I came in a new attire as it can bring fresh energy and good feng shui,” he said during an interview at The Ritz-Carlton Residences here yesterday.

Choo, who is from Penang, wore a sleek black suit designed by Lord’s Tailor and paired it off with a silver tie during the tea party, hosted by British High Commissioner Simon Featherstone for the royal pair last Friday.

Calling them “down to earth”, Choo said the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge obliged those who wanted to take pictures with them using handphones even though no cameras were allowed inside the event.

Choo, a tourism ambassador for Malaysia, met Catherine for the first time and described her as “elegant, beautiful and calm.”

“I told Catherine they should return to Malaysia as there was a lot more to see here.

“She said if she and Prince William had the time, they would definitely like to visit Malaysia again,” he said, adding that he would like to introduce them to local food such as char kuey teow and Hokkien mee.

Choo, who is also the British Council’s spokesman for education, said the royal couple’s visit had strengthened friendship between Malaysia and the United Kingdom.

“Their visit has also promoted Malaysia to the world and can boost tourists arrivals,” he said. – Asia One