is there a religion that is greater than any other religions?

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By Viktor Wong

First of all, is there a religion that is greater than any other religions? The answer is simple, no! We have heard people of claiming that a religion that he professes is much more greater than any other religion. Some governments in the world are also putting up the religion that they profess as the main religion of their country, turning their nation into a some sort of theocratic state and implement laws based on the said religion.

Guess what, these theocratic states who claimed to be so holy turn out to be the most backward countries of all. Their citizens remain the poorest in the world, their people suffer the most, their people are oppressed almost every day. The women in these theocratic state are discriminated at and have no rights in the nation that they are staying and some with no rights even if they are full-fledged citizens.

In these so-called theocratic states, other religions are also being oppressed, strictly controlled and the followers of other religions are also being observed daily by the authorities. In these theocratic states, there are no human rights, no democracy and no elections. The head of state rules until his demise and after that he is systematically replaced by selection of a small group within the ruling elite.

If there is really a religion which is so much greater than any other religions around the world, than that particular claim is clearly a man made. The gurus, prophets, teachers or founders of all religions did not tell their followers that the religion they profess are greater than one another, nor did any gurus, prophets, teachers or founders of all religions say that a law is needed to govern their followers and to prevent their followers from leaving their religions.

Asides, no gurus, prophets, teachers or founders of all religions has ever claim that their religious teaching could be turned into a law to govern a country and to establish theocratic states. The theocratic state of today are not based on the true teachings of any religions. These theocratic states are merely man made.

These men who claimed to be clergies and religious made those “religious” laws, turned their countries into theocratic states by abolishing democracy and abolish people’s rights in order to control their citizens as well as to ensure the citizens bow to their powers.

No real religions ask for powers and to be powerful or to control mankind. If there are such, then they are all man made and these are not real religions, they are deviant group of elites whose aim are to use the religion to control the livelihood of the people.

Some leaders, politicians and militants claimed that they are holy in the religion they profess but what they did? They are killing among themselves in the name of religion, they bomb and kill people of the same religion, they bomb and kill people who profess other religion, they condemned other religions, they call other religions as infidels. So are they really religious? They are actually the real infidels themselves.

The followers of a religion often call among themselves as brothers and sisters. but they could not see eye to eye, they kill each other, they are divided into so many factions, sects and groups. They cannot even share the same place of worship, they bomb and kill each other in the name of the religion they profess. And yet they are saying that there is only one god, one holy book and one prophet. What a “unity” are they?

Those who are really professing a religion of their choice study, analyse, understand the elements and teachings of the religion of their choice and make them practical in their daily way of life and to ensure that love and care are being carried out in their livelihood, around his or her communities, his or her relatives, friends and neighbours. Those who are really professing a religion of their choice does not promote hate nor condemning other religions or people who profess other religions. He or she would respect the other people’s choice and their right to profess another religion of their choice.

As such, we urge everyone to keep religion out of politics and politics out of religion. If this is followed, the killing will then stop and there will be eternal peace on this earth.

Victor Wong is a Social and Political Analyst, Director of Inter-Research And Studies (IRAS) and regularly writes political and current affairs commentaries for an online news portal. Asides, he also frequently blogs (viktorwong-socialaffairs) on political reforms, current affairs, education, race relations and giving various commentaries on news highlights.

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