Intel upbeat on South-East Asia

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KUALA LUMPUR  –  Chipmaker Intel Technology Asia Pte Ltd expects to see a healthy growth for processor manufacturing as South-East Asian countries are catching up on the improvement of information technology (IT) infrastructure which will lead to better productivity and economic development.

Its managing director of South-East Asia Uday Marty said: “For South-East Asia, we expect to grow on a very healthy double-digit next year.”

According to him, there is a clear correlation between the penetration of technology and productivity.

“Some countries are far ahead of other countries in the region due to the penetration of technology and they are catching up in the national broadband plans.

“I think it will be more intense in the coming year,” he said, adding that the penetration of technology would enhance the development of a nation as people’s productivity improved.

Quoting a report from the World Bank, he said for every 10% of improvement in Internet infrastructure and penetration, there was an 1.38% increase in gross domestic products.

“All countries in the region have realised this and Malaysia is way far ahead of many countries. So we are going to see a catch up from all these other countries, be it Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines or Myanmar,” he added.

The world’s largest chipmaker has recently set up a distribution channel in Myanmar.

“These economies are going to invest in information technology infrastructure much like how they invest in roads, sanitation, power and other types of facilities.

It is a basic capability and the governments are going to invest in them,” he said at a press briefing yesterday.

Uday also said enterprise ready tablets would also be one of the trends going forward.

Security was one of the main concerns when more people access private information on their mobile devices so companies had to ensure that their IT had some form of system to access the movement of devices, he said.

Intel Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd country manager of Malaysia and Brunei Prakash Mallya said: “In 2013, consumer growth will be one of the big areas with various types of new devices coming through.

“Touch devices, mobile phones and tablets will continue to grow.”

He also saw growth potential in small and medium businesses as technology penetration in that segment was small.

He said “touch” devices would be the “big” thing next year and the functionalities of devices could go beyond that into voice and gesture capabilities.

As for businesses, vast opportunities could be seen in data centres and cloud computing, he said.  The Star