Insulted by Adun Dun Seri Andalas Xavier Jayakumar – Baskaran

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photoANDALAS : Despite being criticised and insulted by the YB DR Xavier Jayakumar, one of the NGO leader from Taman Sentosa Klang and former strong Pakatan Rakyat Supporter Mr. Baskaran (right) would not budge from giving its undivided support to the Barisan Nasional in the coming 13th general elections.

Making this pledge, Baskaran said that the insult, criticism and also the labelling of the NGO as no longer being relevant has made its members to be more determined in ensuring the success of the ruling coalition.

“Our support for the BN and its candidates in the coming general elections has not been derailed by even an inch by all those derogatory remarks by the opposition.

“Rest assured we will try our level best to increase support for Barisan in Dun Seri Andalas,” he said in an exclusive interview with The Kuala Lumpur Post at his office here.

“Baskaran is confident that with the support and cooperation of all quarters, wresting back Selangor from the opposition and forming a new state government, can be achieved.”