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INDRAF 2.0 – STOP MISLEADING INDIANS – MIC National Youth Secretary, Sivarraajh Chandran.

MIC National Youth Secretary, Sivarraajh has called for Indians to boycott the gathering planned by INDRAF 2.0 in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow.

‘Their motive is to mislead Indian community and undermine BN government’s effort . Opposition leaders now are in fear as the majority of Indians are backing BN government and MIC. They are looking for venues to ‘eye wash’ the Indian community and believe in falsehood offered by the opposition,’ said Sivarraajh.

‘This clearly shows the weakness of the opposition leaders especially the Indian leaders. Malaysian Indians cannot be fooled no longer as they are well informed and aware of the changes taking place around them,’ he added.

He told that under the leadership of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak since 2009, socio- economic of Indian community was given top priority. The government has allocated RM3 billion for the welfare and development of Indian community.

‘I challenge the opposition to reveal the statistics on programmes and funds allocated for the socio- economic development of the Indian community especially in states run by the Pakatan Government,’ said Sivarraajh.

‘This is not the time for political drama; let the facts speak for itself and stop wasting people’s time,’ he further added.

‘In fact, not all the Indian opposition leaders support this Indraf 2.0, which is believed to be proposed by a small group for the sole purpose of misleading the Indians in this country, their 10 demands are stale and irrelevant ’ said Sivarraajh.

He also said that in Pakatan lead states, Indians welfare has been ignored and this has created dissatisfaction among the Indians. Many leaders of the opposition left and joined BN component parties.

‘The BN government and MIC has resolved most issues concerning Indian’s in this country and much effort is still being made to rectify unresolved matters,’ he added.

‘I hope INDRAF 2.0 leaders will stop underestimating the Indians and find ways to reslove Indian related agendas in Pakatan led states, and avoid unnecessary political dramas,’ he added.

He also added that MIC & its youth wing will not resort to any such gathering to waste people’s time. He said that MIC’s agendas will be promoted through proper channels and in a more civilised manner.