Indonesian police are looking to arrest Ralph Marshall CEO of Astro All Asia Networks

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The Malaysian Insider Reported (By Lee Wei Lian)

Indonesian police are looking to arrest Ralph Marshall, the right hand man of Malaysian multi-billionaire T. Ananda Krishnan, over fraud and money laundering charges, the republic’s media have reported.

Indonesian news outlets said that Marshall, who is group CEO of Astro All Asia Networks, is now officially on the Wanted Persons List (Daftar Pencarian Orang) and police chiefs across the country have been directed to arrest him.

BeritaSatu reported on April 22 that the Indonesian Police put Marshall on the Wanted Persons List after it was established that he was a suspect in a case of criminal forgery while he was involved with Astro’s Indonesian venture.
Marshall had earlier been accused of forging documents that resulted in some US$90 million (RM270 million) in losses to Astro’s then partner in Indonesia PT Ayunda Prima Mitra.
The attorney for PT Ayunda Prima Mitra, Eko Purwanto was quoted by BeritaSatu as saying that the Wanted Persons letter contained instructions for police chiefs across the nation to arrest Marshall and bring him in for questioning.
Abimanyu Kameshwara, another lawyer for First Media subsidiary Ayunda Prima Mitra, said Marshall was accused of misusing operational funds from Astro Nusantara worth US$90 million.

According to Media Indonesia, Marshall is being suspected of forging documents that made it appear as if Direct Vision was in debt to Astro Nusantara to the extent that it incurred losses to PT Ayunda Prima Mitra to the tune of US$90 million.