Implementation for DLP, a boon for students – Dr. Mahendran

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The implementation of the Dual Language Programme in schools has certainly improved student’s vocabulary, grammar and speech.

“As an academician involved in the teaching of English Language, I am all for Dual Language Programmes ( DLP),” said Associate Professor Dr Mahendran Maniam, English Department,
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris.

He concurs that the teaching of science and mathematics in English has helped students to improve their English as published on a daily today.

“The most beautiful part of DLP is, it helps students to improve their English without any deterioration in other subjects. Since its introduction in 2016, schools that implemented DLP have produced good results in their major examinations,” he added.

“MOE should in fact introduce DLP to more schools. If the current 10% of schools implementing this programme in the country is increased to 20%, better results can be expected in the future.”

More parents should consider to register their children for this programme for the coming school session, as at the end of the day, we want our younger generation to excel in their studies and at the same time improve their English proficiency.

“The main reason for student’s low score in English is because of the insufficient time they are exposed to this language. If the teaching of Science and Maths is conducted in English, I’m quite optimistic that the standard of English and other subjects will improve,” he stressed.

Dr. Mahendran hopes that parents of Tamil school students in particular, should not have any doubts with the implementation of DLP.