HRDF signs corruption free pledge with MACC

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Kuala Lumpur
– In line with the aspirations of the government to combat corruption in all government sectors, the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) an agency under the Ministry of Human Resources continues to work with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to create a zero-tolerance environment for corruption.

The Corruption-Free Pledge signing ceremony at Wisma HRDF in Kuala Lumpur saw the top Management of HRDF undertake an oath to combat corruption. MACC Director of Anti-Corruption Academy (MACA) Deputy Commissioner Dato’ Haji Idris bin Zaharudin, Ministry of Human Resources (MoHR) Secretary-General Dato’ Sri Adenan Bin Abd Rahman, Ministry of Human Resources (MoHR) Deputy Secretary-General (Operations) Dato’ Mohamed Elias Abu Bakar, and MoHR Deputy Secretary-General (Policy & International) Amir Omar were present to witness the occasion.

The event symbolises affirmation of HRDF’s commitment towards its four core values; Integrity, Customer Focus, Continuous Improvement, and Accountability.

The Chief Executive of HRDF, Dato’ CM Vignaesvaran said that “HRDF’s job is about managing training fund for our relevant employers. It is our responsibility to inform everyone that we are clean from corruption so people are not worried.”

“Our core values are our anchor and we abide to them religiously,” he further added.

HRDF had adopted several strategies and approaches to strengthen good governance, including sharing business intelligence on irregularities and corruption with MACC. Additionally, HRDF continues to support MACC in their investigations on fraudulent claims made by companies or private sector training providers that are registered with it.

To embrace and commit to the spirit of integrity, the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Code of Business Ethics (COBE) was introduced as a guidance to both HRDF employees and providers on sustainable business relationships based on six principles: to act with integrity; to maintain accountability; to avoid the appearance of or actual conflicts of interest; to abide by the rule of law; to give an honest representation; and to prohibit any form of gifts/business courtesy to procure favours and/or unfair advantage.

“Signing the pledge empowers employees to fight corruption by instilling integrity in them, ensuring that all employees who sign the pledge will be more responsible in their duties and avoid corrupt practices,“ said Vignaesvaran.

The Chief Executive explained that it marks a commitment from the organisation’s leadership to combat corruption and to ensure that the organisation steers clear of corrupt practices.

“The pledge is to instil feelings of abhorrence towards corrupt practices in all who sign the Corruption-Free Pledge. This is to send a message to other parties dealing with the organisation to steer clear of corruption and to prove that we as an organisation is taking a stand against corrupt practices. The fight against corruption is a concerted effort that must be made by all government agencies to ensure that Malaysia is free of any corruption and abuse of power,” concluded Vignaesvaran.