Hishamuddin’s choice is ‘lamb chop’ – as he cares a damn about ISA detainees hunger strike

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Kuala Lumpur : Amid growing concerns over the plight of hunger-striking detainees under the notorious Internal Security Act, Home minister Hishamuddin Hussein’s remark poking fun at them has attracted condemnations.
Hishamuddin had earlier twitted to one of his fans about ‘lamb chops’, when one follower reminded him that it was inappropriate to talk about such matters at a time when a group of detainees were resorting to hunger strike to highlight their plight.

“That’s their choice. My choice is lamb chops,” snapped the UMNO vice president in response.

In an immediate response, the vocal Abolish ISA Movement (GMI) slammed the minister as irresponsible but said it was not surprising.

“Before this he said hunger strike was a personal choice. This is an irresponsible statement,” said GMI’s Ahmad Syukri Ab Razab.

“He should know he has the power to release the detainees,” he added.

Joining him, PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu said Hishamuddin’s statement was arrogant.

“It is evil to utter derogatory remarks on those who are in pain and suffering. He is too arrogant.

“One day, if fate takes a twist and Hishamuddin goes on a hunger strike, he will then realise the pain his remarks inflicted on the ISA detainees and their family members,” said Mat Sabu, a former ISA detainee, as reported in Harakah Daily.

Some 45 detainees still languish at the Kamunting camp despite the government’s announcement that the ISA was being abolished.

The government has announced the Security Offenses (Safety Measures) Act 2012, but this new law has also been criticised for its many draconian elements as well as wide powers to the police.

Last month, several ISA detainees launched their hunger strike amid shocking allegations of physical and mental torture.