Hidden Video in Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s office

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Do you remember the incident below that happened almost a year ago in August 2011? The Selangor Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, discovered a hidden video camera in his office. According to Khalid, he does not know how long the video camera had been placed there or who placed it there. Also, according to Khalid, they found only one video, the one in the camera.

Well, we are publishing 15 minutes of one of the videos (one that was NOT in the camera) just to show you that more videos do exist (which you can see below). There is nothing damaging in this particular video, though, although Azmin’s people are telling everyone that in the other still unpublicised copies of the video it is a bit embarrassing for Khalid, as it shows him a bit too manja with a certain woman named Rahimah Binti Kamarudin.

It seems, according to Azmin, Rahimah was Khalid’s secretary from Guthrie Berhad, whom he brought over to work for him in the MB’s office. And Azmin’s people are pissed that Rahimah appears to have too much power, so says Azmin’s people. And Azmin is suggesting that there is some amorous link between Khalid and Rahimah.

Was this hidden video camera aimed at catching Khalid and Rahimah in a compromising position? Only those who placed the hidden video camera there can tell us that — whoever that may be.

Actually, the hidden video camera had been placed there for quite some time. And there were more than just one video other than the one in the camera, as we have shown below. The question is: who placed the camera there and who is in possession of all the videos? Also, are there any videos that are damaging and which can be used to blackmail Khalid?

It seems Khalid did not make a police report so the police could not investigate the matter. Malaysia has this strange system where you first need to lodge a police report before the police can spring into action. Thus, since no police report was made, no police investigation could be launched. And thus also, the mystery will have to remain a mystery.

Those such as the MB’s political secretary, Faekah Husin, suspect that Azmin Ali is behind this thing. And because she said so, Azmin has been actively trying to get her pushed out. Now do you understand why Faekah has been under attack of late? Azmin, in turn, suspects that Khalid is behind the ‘blowjob’ video that greatly embarrassed the former recently.

It makes you wonder, with all this internal sabotage going on, where in heaven’s name do they find the time to run the state or plan their strategies for the next general election? With PAS fighting PAS, DAP fighting DAP, and PKR fighting PKR, plus each party fighting the other, can Pakatan Rakyat keep Selangor or will the state go back to Barisan Nasional?

Okay, I know, I am not supposed to say bad things about Pakatan Rakyat or criticise the opposition. I am just supposed to say nice things and bodek them. If not then Barisan Nasional will use what I say against Pakatan Rakyat. So I will not say bad things about them. Let them continue doing what they are doing. And then, when Selangor falls, I can write a ‘I told you so’ article and gloat to my heart’s content, just like I did when Perak fell after I had warned them it was going to fall (and which they denied at first).

Hell, and I have not even started writing about what they are trying to do to Nurul Izzah Anwar. So don’t let me start on that one, please, because, once I do, it will knock your knickers off. -Raja Petra Kamarudin