Happy hour, all day long

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8 o’clock in the morning

Early mood riser – Cranberry smoothie

“Low glucose slows brain function ,” says nutritionist Angela Walker. Cranberries are packed with glucose and contain manganese to stabilise blood sugar. Blend a cranberry juice with yoghurt and pumpkin seeds.


10 o’clock in the morning

Mid-morning energiser – Beetroot juice

Commuting might take the edge off your cheer. Move to the beet to revive it. “Nitrate in beetroot  widens blood vessels, boosting oxygen uptake and giving you more energy,” says Walker.


1 o’clock in the afternoon

Lunchtime booster – Supergreens

“Poor food digestion allows toxins to reach your brain, affecting mood,” says Walker. The probiotics in supergreens counter these toxins. Mix them with tomato juice – which is rich in folic acid and aids mental wellbeing for a double boost.


3 o’clock in the afternoon

Afternoon kickstart – Energy powder

The mid-afternoon energy slump can dampen your outlook. So quaff a sachet of vitamin C mixed with water. It contains B vitamins and the chemical CoQ10 – both of which bolster energy levels. Add an iron-rich snack like dried apricots to aid absorption.


7 o’clock in the evening

Mental massage – Coconut water

Post-gym dehydration can wreak havoc on your mental state, undoing the effects of your vit-C pick up. “Coconut water hydrates you fast because its electrolyte balance is similar to body fl uid, so is highly absorbable,” says Walker. Down a cup now for an evening of high spirits.


11 o’clock at night

Happy night cap – Blackcurrant cordial

“Blackcurrants are rich in zinc, which boosts dopamine levels and regulate your mood,” says Hill. They also contain sleepinducing magnesium. Drink it hot: research has found warm drinks improve outlook by 11%.