Guan Eng, stop playing with fire and concentrate on the economy

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GEORGE TOWN  –  Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was told to focus on the economy and attracting investments to the state, especially in the current climate of global economic uncertainties, instead of playing up racial issues.

Bayan Baru Barisan Nasional (BN) coordinator, David Yim claimed that many factory workers in the Bayan Lepas area did not receive any bonus for 2012 following the companies’ less than satisfactory business performance.

“The Chief Minister (Lim Guan Eng) should be focusing on the economy and investment and not playing up racial issues to divert public attention (from the state government’s failures),” he told reporters, here, today.

Lim was reported to have once more raised the issue of the use of the word “Allah” in his Christmas Day message by urging the federal government to allow the word to be used in the Bahasa Melayu version of the Bible.

Yim said Lim again tarnished Malaysia’s name in his New Year 2013 message by stating that Malaysia was less competitive than its neighbours.

“Such a message would give a negative picture of Malaysia to foreign investors interested to invest in this country,” he said.

Yim also urged Lim to avoid playing up racial issues at a time when Malaysians were celebrating and ushering in the new year as this could destroy national unity.

He said Lim should instead help preserve the racial harmony that had been built for the last 55 years since the country’s independence and apologise to Malaysians for his offending statements.  –  Bernama