Guan Eng had appointed himself to the Chief Minister position in 2008

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No wonder Lim Guan Eng tried to gag former DAP vice chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim in May – the senior Malay leader’s views do not make happy reading for the Penang chief minister.

Tunku Aziz has now questioned Guan Eng’s own position as chief minister, saying that Guan Eng had appointed himself to the position in 2008 simply by virtue of being the DAP secretary general.

By convention, the long-serving Penang DAP chairman and Padang Kota assemblyman Chow Kon Yeow should have become the Penang chief minister after DAP won the state election, not Guan Eng who was from Malacca.

Instead, Guan Eng declared himself as Penanag chief minister during a meeting of DAP elected representatives held after the 2008 election results were announced, Tunku Aziz said.

At the closed-door meeting in Red Rock Hotel, Tunku Aziz said when the question of chief minister arose, Guan Eng immediately jumped up and said, “I am the chief minister because I am the party secretary general.”

Guan Eng thereby prevented the internal democratic process within DAP from choosing the Penang chief minister.

“No one nominated or chose him [Guan Eng]… he chose himself. He bypassed the party’s central executive and state committees to bulldoze his way through to grab the post.

“I think many know the story on how he became the CM,” Tunku Aziz told Free Malaysia Today on Saturday.

As DAP secretary general, Guan Eng should have instead chosen to sit at the national secretariat and focus on reorganising, restructuring and strengthening the party to face the next election, instead of grabbing power for himself.

The state is still feeling the repercussions of Guan Eng’s power grab.

Tunku Aziz pointed out that the Penang chief minister committed administrative blunders since 2008 because Guan Eng does not understand the local needs, demands and sentiments of Penangites.

For instance, the unscrupulous sales of state land to rich developers to build luxury houses at the expense of affordable homes for the poor was an example of Lim’s mismanagement, due to the lack of knowledge, maturity and experience.

Tunku Aziz said Lim was now surrounded by rich developers.

“Ordinary Penang people can’t afford to buy homes in their own birth place. It’s violation of their rights. Penangites wanted a chief minister, not a land broker,” he said.

Tunku Aziz said DAP was now in disarray due to the autocratic rule by the Lim dynasty which had frustrated many grassroots leaders and party members.

He said some leaders have either been sacked or chosen to leave the party as “they were fed up with the Lim dynasty dominance.”

“Lim thinks he can handle everything so he wears many hats, sparing only positions of councillors and JKKK head to others.

“His monopoly of power is a sign of insecurity and distrust of others,” said Tunku Aziz.

Tunku Aziz has impeccable credentials – he was after all Transparency International Malaysia’s founding president and is a distant relative of the Kedah royalty.

The 78-year-old quit the DAP in May after standing up for his principles in disagreeing with Guan Eng over supporting Bersih 3.0. The DAP came out of that affair as an autocratic party that tries to silence any dissent, even to extent of muzzling its own vice chairman if his views are contrary to the father-son line.

At a rally on Saturday evening, Tunku Aziz said the Lim dynasty had turned DAP into a family business, practicing double standards and selective prosecution.

He also slammed the Lims as hypocrites for not voicing their opposition against hudud, while letting DAP national chairman Karpal Singh face the brunt of PAS’ fury for his firm stand against it.

“They [the Lims] fear losing the Malay votes,” Tunku Aziz told a crowded Leong See Kah Miew hall in Jalan Perak.

He described Pakatan Rakyat as a “marriage of convenience” in which the three ‘allies’ – DAP, PKR and PAS – could not agree on many issues nor come up with a common agenda.

With Pakatan leaders unable to reach any consensus on a shadow cabinet, Tunku Aziz predicted intense internal squabbles between the aging Pakatan leaders for cabinet posts and other plum posts if Pakatan ever captures Putrajaya.

Tunku Aziz has once again done a sterling service to the rakyat, by reminding them of the events in 2008 and showing that Guan Eng was not chosen democratically as the leader of Penang. After all, Guan Eng clearly foisted himself on an unsuspecting state that is still feeling the effects of that power grab.

This holds an important lesson for voters in the lead up to GE 13. Can they trust someone who lusts for power even more than his own party?

In fact, Guan Eng’s own allies in Pakatan should be worried too – can they trust him not to repeat his power grab when the position of prime minister comes up if Pakatan ever takes over Putrajaya? – The Choice