Government give us, Indians ,one GLC to takeover and run

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Najib’s comment that Indian business will be eligible for RM 180 million by various mechanism through MIEC clearly does not address other substantive issues affecting the Indian business community :-

  1. MIE and MIBA, instead, asks the government if it will change Bumiputra only policies in the government sector and GLC sectors that now will allow competent Indians to participate, whether in small , medium or large contracts??  As long as these policies are not touched, the RM 180 M will disappear in thin air, with no real needy Indian Businessmen benefitting. MIE and MIBA cannot understand how RM 180 M will ever change the demographics of Indian equity. As of now, no GLC allows non Bumi suppliers/vendors to participate in their businesses. Will this change?
  2. If the Government is really true to support Indian economic elevation, we ask the Government to give us, Indians ,one GLC to takeover and run. We can use this as a vehicle to develop and support Indian businessmen, prove our worth and chart our course.
  3. The Malaysian government has forgiven, and /or forgotten several hundreds of million ringgits (and up to Billions)  of tycoons and GLCs NPLs. We are now asking the government to forgive ALL of the NPLs by Indians especially from the 2008 BSN Micro finance scheme.

Then, all of these people can get back to doing business again. If the Government is truly supportive of Indian needs, then this is a small sacrifice.

RM 180 million is too little and too late but to complement the various mechanism, the government must undertake other strategic initiatives to elevate the marginalised Indian business community to mainstream economic life. Support various measures to increase the “capacity building” for long term positive effect on the Indian business community, namely :-

  1. Enhance business knowledge through colleges on entrepreneurship
  2. Financial facilities for start-up and setting up incubators / business angels
  3. Government can do through policies, licensing methods, tendering processes awards of contract, grants and business opportunities
  4. Open doors to GLC’s vendor supplier contracts and perhaps eliminate “bumiputera only” policies for business.

Public Service Commission and Public Services Department to make a solemn declaration that the government treat all recruitment in civil service will be fair and transparent and that racial or regional discrimination will not be tolerated. In this respect a civil service ombudsman to act on cases of racial discrimination within the  service as well as respond to allegation of racially biased policies and programmes. A mono-ethnic civil service is the single biggest obstacle to 1Malaysia.

Joint statement by Mr P Sivakumar, President Malaysian Indian Busieness Association (MIBA) and Dato Mohana Krishnan, President, the Malaysian Indian Entrepreneurs and Professionals Association (MIE), 

Both MIBA and MIE have a joint membership of more the 1500 businessmen and professional as members throughout Malaysia, and we can engage with governments that will work to elevate the Indians in Malaysia.