Girl exposed her doll like image – online celebrity overnight

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Seoul – Photoshop works digital wonders, and one piece of striking evidence is illustrated in the unaltered photos of a Chinese girl who created an Asia-wide buzz with her picture-perfect image.
The newly revealed photos suggest that the widely circulated pictures showing her doll-like image with impeccable lines might have been highly edited and embellished.

The girl, named Wang Jiayun, emerged as an online celebrity overnight in Korea and elsewhere when the apparently beautified photos hit the Web communities.

Online users were particularly drawn to her almost ‘unreal’ beauty, prompting a debate over whether the picture-perfect girl is a human or a doll.

Wang’s unrealistically large eyes, pale face, perfectly structured nose and extremely slim figure resemble a human-sized doll.

According to online news reports, Wang is a 17-year-old high school student in Shenzhen, China.

Many netizens who praised Wang’s Barbie doll appearance seemed disappointed in her due to the artificial photo editing.

Amid growing controversy, Wang has shut down her personal blog.

Source: The Korean Herald/ANN