Ghost replied ‘Young’ when asked how old she was when she died

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SINGAPORE – A team of paranormal investigators has reportedly found more evidence of the paranormal at East Coast Park’s Amber Tower, or better known as the Yellow Tower.

According to web TV series Singapore Haunted, the team captured a thermal image of a ghostly figure on the second floor of the Yellow Tower.

It was captured right after one of the investigators claimed that a female ghost appeared to him for a few seconds.

Popular legend has it that a girl and her boyfriend went to the Yellow Tower late at night many years ago. They were attacked by a group of men, who beat up the boyfriend and then raped her.

She reportedly died during the assault and still haunts the tower until today.

The team also recorded the voice of the female entity.

According to Singapore Haunted, a voice said ‘Home’ when investigators asked the entity why she didn’t leave the place.

The entity also replied ‘Young’ when asked how old she was when she died at the tower.

The team used various equipment like night vision and thermal cameras, digital infrared thermometer, audio recorders and an electromagnetic field detector.

Last year, a similar team of investigators had found footprints belonging to the female ghost after they left powder on the stairs of the tower.   –  Asiaone